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EDI Connections


Shipwire supports common standards of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) including ASCI X12 and EDIFACT for order submissions, advanced shipping notices, and other fulfillment related documents.

What is EDI?

EDI is an electronic means of transmitting data between organizations and is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from one computer system to another computer system (ex. from one trading partner to another trading partner without human intervention to replace bills of lading, checks, etc.).

Who uses EDI?

Certain industries rely more heavily on EDI capabilities than others, as is the case with the logistics and e-commerce fulfillment industries. B2B suppliers and the large retailers they do business with commonly use EDI as a primary method of integration.

EDI Pricing

EDI costs are typically billed per purchase order (PO) or per document cost. Shipwire offers per purchase order pricing because a single purchase order has the potential to contain any number of documents (making the total cost of per document pricing hard to predict and possibly expensive).

EDI in general may be less favorable if an API-based solution is available, since there is no cost associated with data transfer communicated via API. We recommend using Shipwire’s RESTful API for your integration with partners, if possible. For more information about Shipwire’s EDI solutions, please contact us.

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