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Full setup receiving checklist

All Shipwire receivings must follow Standard Receiving guidelines. Following these guidelines will ensure optimized processing for your inventory.

  • A Standard Receiving is a receiving that meets guidelines listed below, and does not require container unloading.
  • A Non-standard Receiving is a receiving that either does not meet the guidelines below, or requires container unloading.

To be considered Standard, a receiving must:

Have a Receiving Order (ASN) created for it Learn more
Arrive with tracking information Learn more
Arrives properly labeled and packaged Learn (labeling)
Learn (packaging)
Arrive with the products listed on the ASN Learn more
Arrive free and clear of customs, duties, and tariffs, with correct Importer of Record & Tax ID information Learn more
Arrive at the pre-scheduled appointment date/time Learn more
Shipwire Receiving Guide 2

Download the Shipwire Platform Receiving guide

Our printable Shipwire Receiving PDF guide will show you how to prepare a shipment, send a shipment, and ensure Standard Receiving.

Learn more


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