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Health & Beauty Product Fulfillment

Health and beauty products and accessories is a top category for growth in ecommerce. If you manage logistics and fulfillment for a fast growing company that makes health and beauty products, you might be looking for a solution that has the flexibility to grow with your brand.

Growing health and beauty brands selling online must consider time, integration, branding, and cost constraints when evaluating their current ecommerce fulfillment solution or determining if a new third-party logistics provider (3PL) is right for them.

Shortcomings of traditional approaches to fulfillment

If your current health and beauty fulfillment solution cannot scale and support the growth of your brand, it is likely because your current solution is:

  • error-prone
  • not time effective
  • unoptimized on shipping costs due to limited warehouse locations and legacy software
  • not integrated with one or more ecommerce channels
  • lacking important branding features such as inserts

What you really need for your health and beauty product brand

You need an order fulfillment company that understands the needs of your business and has experience with health and beauty fulfillment globally, helping you grow both your top and bottom lines. The solution should plug into your existing systems seamlessly and connect to all the channels you sell online, all while being easy to use.

Benefits of using Shipwire for health and beauty fulfillment

Shipwire offers enterprise-grade storage and fulfillment solutions to brands looking to expand their global footprint and deliver a superior customer experience. Our 7 warehouses across 3 continents powered by a state-of-the-art software platform that integrates with 70+ top shopping carts will save your company time and money.

By using Shipwire to fulfill your health and beauty product line, you’ll be able to:

  • save time and money
  • expand your global reach
  • have full control over your brand fulfillment experience
  • integrate with your existing systems with ease
  • select optional inventory insurance and offer shipping insurance to customers

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Types of products, integrations

We help many health and beauty brands with their global fulfillment and shipping, with products such as:

  • vitamins, dietary, and detoxifying supplements and aids
  • cosmetics, anti-aging, and skin-care creams, agents, and adornments
  • men and women’s health products
  • weight loss, bodybuilding and muscle health supplements
  • and more!

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