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Hurricane Sandy impact on U.S. East Coast

Last updated: 09:21 Pacific Standard time (GMT -7:00)

Please take note that Hurricane Sandy will impact both warehouse processing and transportation on the U.S. East Coast. Our Pennsylvania warehouse will close at 1:00 PM Eastern time (GMT -4:00) today, October 29th, and will remain closed on October 30th. We are actively monitoring the situation, both on the ground and remotely. After Hurricane Sandy passes through the area, we will provide additional updates. You can track the Hurricane’s expected reach here.

In response to the high winds, and expected flooding, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is ordering all trucks off the roads and highways at 1:00 PM today (Oct 29th). Similar directives are in place in the states of New Jersey and New York. As a result, we expect both inbound and outbound shipments to be delayed.

Shipwire is taking all necessary precautions to secure your inventory while minimizing the impact to operations. At this time, all other Shipwire facilities are expected to stay open and operational.

If you have inventory is multiple U.S. facilities, and are using default settings, our software will continue to route orders to the lowest cost facility. If you would like to direct more of your orders to alternate warehouses during this time, you can temporarily change these settings, or re-assign orders to your preferred warehouse from the Shipwire interface. Please note that in doing so, the transportation cost will be higher and delivery may not be any faster.

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