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Lithium Batteries

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Our platform can handle fulfillment of products that include lithium batteries in most cases. We understand the specific carrier regulations around lithium batteries, and our system will intelligently select from among the available carriers based on these regulations. We will also ensure that any requisite carrier markings, such as stickers, are included on carton packaging. Note, each order that requires a special marking will incur a $0.20 fee.

Because there are many different carrier restrictions and regulations that apply, Shipwire must review any products containing lithium batteries before accepting them into our Shipwire fulfillment centers.

Approval process

Products containing lithium batteries have carrier restrictions. As such, these are conditional use products which fall under Shipwire’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Indicating your Product Contains a Battery
When adding or editing your products to the Product Catalog via the Shipwire UI, you can indicate that your SKU will contain a battery. In Step 4 (Assign Attributes), be sure to check the box that states “contains or is a battery” and fill out all related fields.

Once you have indicated your product contains a battery, a Customer Care team member will follow up with you for any missing information. Before you can ship products with lithium batteries to our facilities, we must review your information in the product catalog to ensure they can pass all carrier restrictions. You will be requested to complete the following forms at that time:

  • A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for every lithium battery.
  • A signed Lithium terms of service agreement

Note: Submitting this information does not guarantee approval of the products. Do not ship any lithium products to our facilities until you receive written confirmation that the products were approved from our Customer Care Team.


Per carrier requirements, each package containing lithium batteries must have a special sticker on the outside of the package. There is a $0.20 charge for each order where a sticker is required.

ASN Protocol

Every product that contains a lithium battery will need an MSDS for the battery.
Attach the MSDS to every ASN. Only one MSDS sheet is needed per product, per ASN.

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