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Meridian E-Commerce


Meridian provides high-performance, end-to-end E-commerce solutions for consumer brand manufacturers and retailers. We provide you with the tools you need to succeed with the E-commerce program. Our dual approach to implementation allows you to implement Meridian’s E-commerce webservices and shopping cart onto your existing site, or create an entire new site and shopping experience for your customers.

Meridian E-Commerce Features

E-commerce Platform: Our proprietary enterprise E-commerce content management system is a comprehensive tool that allows you to start selling direct online quickly. You have control of everything including promotions, pricing, inventory, orders, and customers.

Content Management System: If you need an entire site built, we will provide you with a powerful, robust content management system to support your web presence. This system will hold all of the page templates, assets, and source code of your site, as well as allow you to manage all of your site content and images on a day-to-day basis.

Customer Service: Our integrated order management system provides our U.S.-based customer care team with complete access to order status, product, inventory and customer information, allowing them to offer quick and reliable support to all of your customers’ inquiries. Our customer care agents represent your brand with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm that results in higher customer service scores, better conversion rates, and higher average order values.

Merchant of Record: Meridian can serve as the “merchant of record” for your online sales, which requires such activities as managing a merchant account with a payment processor and paying the associated credit card fees for the transactions flowing through your site. Other responsibilities are more regulatory in nature, such as complying with PCI DSS standards or collecting and filing sales taxes with relevant tax jurisdictions.

Digital Marketing: Our team will devise a digital marketing plan and strategy for you to get to get the most out of your marketing dollars and E-commerce program. We partner closely with many third parties to create a full suite of marketing programs including email, search engine optimization, comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks, and social media.

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