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Order fulfillment for PayPal and eBay Auctions

Shipwire allows merchants to focus on growth by outsourcing the hassles of product storage and shipping.

If you are a PayPal user or eBay seller, plug into the Shipwire fulfillment center network and completely automate your inventory storage and order fulfillment…in just minutes!


  • No hassle storage and no employees packaging products.
  • No more late nights packing and labeling shipments.
  • Time to focus on growing your business.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Locate your inventory in any of our global fulfillment centers.
  • Free Trial. No credit card required. Get a fulfillment center address to receive your inventory in about 2 minutes.

In just a few minutes you can add a powerful storage and shipping solution to your eBay auctions or PayPal buttons.

  • Real-time shipping rates of orders from all of Shipwire’s global fulfillment centers.
  • Automate order fulfillment for eBay auction listings.
  • Receive “Instant Payment Notification” (IPN) from PayPal.
  • PayPal “buy now” buttons with automated order fulfillment.
  • Receive money and ship merchandise to anyone with an email address in 55 countries and regions.

To get started:

  1. Sign-up for a Shipwire account and pick your warehouse
  2. Add PayPal IPN, PayPal Buy-Now and/or eBay Auctions as “Third Party Connectors” in your account.
  3. Walk through the simple instructions to generate PayPal buttons or tell eBay to deliver orders to Shipwire.
  4. Send Shipwire your Free Trial inventory.
Shipwire overview | Order fulfillment guide

Download the Shipwire Overview

Our printable Overview PDF guide explains how Shipwire works and how we can help your business. Learn how to save time, grow sales, and expand globally with Shipwire’s award-winning order fulfillment platform.

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