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Payvment & Facebook

Note: Payvment has been acquired and will be shutting down its service on February 28, 2013.

Shipwire & Payvment Overview

Shipwire connects to Payvment to automate your Facebook and Payvment sales.

Payvment provides social e-commerce features. Specifically a store on Facebook and access to the Payvment shopping mall inside Facebook.

Shipwire connects to Payvment to automate these sales. Features include:

  • Notification of orders from Payvment to Shipwire
  • Shipwire order status pushed back to Payvment.
  • Shipment tracking ID pushed back to Payvment.
  • Real-time inventory counts from your Shipwire locations to your Payvment account.

What’s better? You can get Payvment and Shipwire accounts for free!

Connect Payvment & Shipwire

  1. Log into your Shipwire account and go to “Sell” in the menu.

  2. Select Payvment from the available connections and ‘add tool’ to your account. Once complete, your Shipwire account will include Payvment and you can walk through the Payvment setup screens.

  3. Connect to Payvment will initiate the connection flow. If you don’t have a Payvment account, the first step will be for you to grant Payvment access to your Facebook account and go through a few setup screens.

  4. If you have not signed up for Payvment before, you will be asked to grant permission for Payvment to access Facebook.

  5. Setting up a Payvment store is easy. Just plug in your paypal e-mail, name your store and select your currency. Once done you will have a Payvment store. Shipwire will be connected to this store.

  6. You are almost done! You just need to configure the Payvment connection by selecting what data you want Shipwire to share with Payvment.

    Select the checkboxes you want and save.

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