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White Papers

  • Turn your Idea into a Shippable Product: An Entrepreneurs step by step guide to taking a product from “idea” to “shippable product”.   Answers questions like: “How to fund the project?”, “how to create a prototype?”, “What to consider when working with a manufacturer?” and an entire section on creating “buzz” with your initial product launch.
  • 3 Secrets to Grow Overseas sales: Learn three export secrets that the fortune 500 do not want you to know! Fortune 500 companies have learned the hard way how to successfully enter and grow their businesses in international markets. These lessons learned are now available to the small and medium sized business.



  • Order Fulfillment Outsourcing Guide: Topics that this guide will cover:
    • What is outsourced order fulfillment?
    • Are you ready to outsource fulfillment?
    • The power of multiple warehouse & a global warehouse network.
    • Pros & cons of outsourcing fulfillment.
    • Choosing an outsourced order fulfillment provider — Questions to Ask.
    • The Setup Process.
    • Packaging and labeling your products for order fulfillment success.
    • Going International.


Commercial Service Import Guides


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