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Promotion shipping & fulfillment

Shipping promotional sales items is just part of doing business today.

Do you need to send 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of promotional items to individuals or businesses? Shipwire is a marketing team’s best friend for shipping chotchkies and promotional items locally or around the world.

Shipwire has been used by Greenpeace and the Obama Campaign for projects involving promotional fulfillment. We are also used by WordPress and Lullabot for distribution of their promotional and fund-raising t-shirts

Shipwire can help with:

  • Promotional business products
  • Trade show follow-up materials
  • Automated shipping of marketing collateral
  • Bulk promotional fulfillment
  • Strategic promotions
  • Promotional t-shirts and apparel shipping (We do this for a variety of open source projects)
  • 1-time promotional campaigns
  • Marketing brochures
  • Activist material shipping
  • Political campaigns and yard sign shipping (we did this for GreenPeace)
  • DVD fulfillment (We did this for the Obama Campaign in 2008)

It is easy to use Shipwire for one-time or long-term promotions:

  • Sign up for a free trial.
  • Buy in bulk or bulk manufacture your promotional items
  • Each item is a SKU/Product
  • Send the items to Shipwire. (Learn how to send bulk inventory to us)
  • Tell us where to Ship them
    • Distributing a promotional product can be a sale even if you sell for $0.00 or for the cost of shipping. Shipwire is compatible with most e-commerce software.
    • If you are doing post trade show shipping just upload a list of names and addresses using our import tools and select the products to ship to.
    • Put a form on your website for visitors to request marketing collateral. Automate the form to Shipwire.
  • Marketers and web designers, consider joining our shipping affiliate partner program.

Some Examples:

Signs: Greenpeace needed to send packages of yard signs to interested Greenpeace members. Greenpeace send Shipwire the materials. Greenpeace put up a form for activists to request materials. That form submitted an order to the Greenpeace’s Shipwire account. As orders for materials came in, Shipwire shipped them out.

Brochures: Are you thinking about putting together a welcome kit or brochure for your company? Have them printed and put in envelopes (usually cheaper when they are being printed). Send Shipwire your materials. If you need to ship 100 of them just upload a spreadsheet with your addresses and names. If you want to ship out a kit whenever a visitor requests; just put up a simple form and submit the details to your Shipwire account as they come in. If you want to charge for Shipping, use one of the e-commerce software tools we are integrated with.

Promotional business products, items & apparel: Do you need to ship promotional t-shirts, vests, hats, mugs, pens, calendars, lanyards, magnets, water bottles or other novelties or apparel? Have it printed in bulk and send it do us. Link your Shipwire account to an online store or just a few PayPal buy-now buttons. As orders come in from employees or fans Shipwire will automatically pick, pack and ship your items to the recipient.

Campaign or Informational DVD’s: Do you have a project that involves shipping 10 or 10,000 DVD’s? Maybe a political campaign or a new product launch? Shipwire has worked with a variety of event companies, political campaigns and new product promotional launches (for more info on our work with Obama see blog promotional fulfillment).

Fund raising: Do you want to sell t-shirts, totes, framed photos, autographed items, or whatever you think will raise funds for your project? Shipwire has worked with a variety of open source projects and other groups to help them automate their fund raising efforts.

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