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Quickstart consultation checklist

Quickstart consultation checklist

Before you sit down with a Shipwire Merchant Services team member to set up your account it is helpful to spend a few minutes getting prepared. It will make the whole process faster and allow our team to best advise you in your business.

I. Managing Your Account: Pre-Requisites to your Training

1.   You must have an active account with an active billing method.
2.   Please complete review and complete this checklist.
3.   (Recommended) Attend our Shipwire Basics Webinar
4.   Training will start with a review of MyAccount level settings such as plan selection and account level features.

II. Setting up products and getting inventory into the warehouse

1.   Know the weight, size dimensions of products
2.   Have your product list ready to share
3.   Know the declared value ($) and retail value ($) of your product
4.   Are your products loose (Pick n’ Pack®) or in a shippable package (Lick ‘n Stick®)?
5.   If you intend to send over 250 individual items please review

a.   Shipping in bulk
b.   Kitting
c.   Please come prepared to discuss whether Shipwire should receive individual items (such as a t-shirt) or cartons of items (a package of 50 large T-shirts). Receiving items as cartons can keep your costs significantly lower.

6.   Confirm that your products match our approved products list and are not fragile, perishable or oversized. Acceptable Use Policy.
7.   Are you scheduling a container?
8.   Do you know of any special handling requirements when your products are being received? For example: labeling, kitting, bagging?
9.   International Order Fulfillment Warehouses

a.   Do you have a Tax ID for the country where the warehouse you want to use is located? Example: U.S. Federal Tax ID for U.S. warehouses; Canadian Business Registration ID if you will be using Canada.
b.   Do you need assistance getting a Tax ID or help with tax questions?

i.   Importing into the Shipwire UK Warehouse
ii.   Non-Canadian Importing into Canada
iii. Importing into the U.S. (for non-USA based merchants):

III. Sell

1.   Please see the compatible applications to ensure your cart is listed.
2.   If you have a shopping cart that is on our list please review the instructions for the cart and have your questions ready.
3.   Have an idea of how many items you anticipate on shipping either on a daily or weekly basis

IV.  Shipping to Customers

1.   Consider what shipping options you want to use out of each warehouse
2.   Do you want to send orders to international buyers?
3.   Do you need additional outbound shipping insurance for shipments leaving the warehouse?
4.   Think about situations where you want to hold shipments pending your approval.
5.   Shipwire provides a service called Merchant Package Service. For each order that comes in Shipwire will provide the most cost effective carrier that matches your shipping preferences and recommend that shipping method. Do you want to use it to save money on shipping?

Thank you again and we look forward to getting your business on track with Shipwire’s QuickStart very soon!

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