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Welcome to Shipwire

Welcome to the Shipwire account tour. Here you will see how your Shipwire account works and discover the differences between starting with a Test order and doing a Full setup of your order fulfillment account.

We have made it easy to follow along by make this a step-by-step setup guide.

Step 1: Choose a setup flow

Getting started with Shipwire is easy. You can choose the setup option that best suits your needs and we will walk you through the steps. You can choose the Test order flow, or the Full setup flow:

Test order

Use the Test order flow for a quick and risk-free test of Shipwire fulfillment. Send a small shipment, as few as just 3 items of inventory, to one of our fulfillment centers. Then, test the Shipwire delivery experience by shipping a product to yourself or anywhere else in the world.

See the detailed Test order guide below

Test order


Full setup

If you are ready to go through a full setup of your account, including fulfillment center locations, order input, and product setup, choose the Full setup flow. You can also ship a test order during Full setup.

See the detailed Full setup guide below

Full setup


How much will the Test order cost?
Shipwire prides itself on transparent, easy-to-use pricing. We want you to get a feel for the Shipwire delivery experience for yourself, so we are making it even easier to do a Test order at minimal cost. You get:

  • 10 items shipped at no handling charge
  • 1/4 pallet of storage free for 30 days
  • You only pay for shipping to your destination


Step 2: We will ask you some questions

Test order
In test order you will be asked just enough to send in your inventory and ship a test order back to yourself.

  1. Define your products
  2. Test order flow

  3. Tell us where you will send your inventory from
  4. Test order flow

  5. Tell us how you will send your inventory
  6. Test order flow

  7. Complete tasks to finish sending your test order
  8. Test order flow

  9. Tell us how we did
  10. Test order flow


Full setup
In full setup you will be asked questions to configure your warehouse locations, sales tools, and product catalog in order to fully set up your Shipwire account for fulfillment of your products globally.

  1. Specify how your orders will be sent to Shipwire
  2. Full setup flow

  3. Define your product catalog
  4. Full setup flow

  5. Specify which warehouses you will be using
  6. Full setup flow

  7. Tell us how you will send your inventory to a Shipwire Fulfillment Center
  8. Full setup flow

  9. Decide whether you want to ship a test order to yourself
  10. Full setup flow

  11. Log in to the application and complete your setup tasks
  12. Test order flow

  13. Tell us how we did
  14. Full setup flow


Step 3: Start using your Shipwire account

After you have completed either a Test order or the Full setup, you will be ready to start using your Shipwire account.

  1. Task flow – To make the most of your Shipwire experience, start by completing the remaining tasks located at the top of your account screen. Don’t worry – Shipwire will keep you informed about warehouse tasks which are finished and when an action is required on your part.
  2. Shipwire account overview

  3. Account dashboard – After you have completed the tasks in your account, you can start using your Shipwire account.
  4. Dashboard

  5. Inventory – Define your product catalog in this section of your Shipwire account. Manage your inventory as well as start the process to send products to a Shipwire Fulfillment Center from this screen.
  6. Inventory

  7. Connect your selling tools – Connect third party connectors to your Shipwire account under your account drop down menu.
  8. Third Party Connectors

  9. Orders – Send your products to your customers. You can process orders individually or in bulk as well as get shipping quotes.
  10. Orders

  11. Enable tools to delight customers – Enable and configure tools to customize shipping labels, confirmation emails, returns management, and customer portal. Keep your customers happy and informed.
  12. Shipwire account overview


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