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Shipwire Partners

Shipwire understands that it is a part of the overall ecommerce and logistics landscape.   Shipwire breaks the landscape down as the following and we try and group our partnerships along these lines.

  • Sourcing – Getting the goods.
  • Inbound Freight – Getting them into the warehouse in the right country.
  • Selling Tools – Shopping carts, payment tools like PayPal and marketplace connections.
  • Outbound Shipping – We provide over 10 different carriers and countless options.
  • Delight – Buyer communication
  • Fulfillment Web Services – Developers corner, connect us with your favorite tools and earn money.
  • Business Services – Other interesting business services that we like to do business with.

Please bear with us over the coming months as we develop our Partner Ecosystem.

If you would like to participate please contact us.

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