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Test order receiving checklist

Follow this checklist to make sure you have done everything needed for your Test order setup. To read about a specific topic, click the Learn more links, which will take you to the appropriate section of the Support Center.

You have gone through the Test order setup flow
You have reviewed Shipwire pricing
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You have defined your product catalog
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You have specified how you will send in your inventory
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Products meet labeling and packaging guidelines

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You have shipped your inventory to a Shipwire warehouse
You have entered or planning on entering tracking information shortly
You have shipped a test order to yourself
Your account is funded and you understand how billing works
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You have provided feedback on your Test order


Receiving Guide

Sending Inventory for Your Test Order

Our printable Receiving Guide PDF is a guide and checklist for sending inventory to a Shipwire fulfillment center. It covers everything you need to know to prepare your shipment and send it to Shipwire.


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