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Update Battery Related Products in Your Shipwire Catalog

As a reminder, starting November 1, 2018 carriers are changing their “Dangerous Goods” labeling requirements. This change applies to all shipments of batteries or products that contain batteries.

To maintain compliance and avoid shipping delays, please update required information for all battery related products in your Shipwire Product Catalog.

How Do I Update My Battery-Related Products?

If you only have a few products in your Shipwire Product Catalog, you can easily edit each battery-related SKU manually.

  1. Log into your Shipwire Account and navigate to Inventory > Product Catalog.
  2. Select a SKU and click Edit.
    Product Catalog
  3. In section 4 of the Product Catalog, select Contains or Is a Battery and enter all required information.
    Editing Products
    indicating a battery

If you have many products in your Shipwire Product Catalog, it’s easiest to download your entire Product Catalog, make all necessary edits, then upload the changes using the spreadsheet upload function.

  1. Log into your Shipwire Account and navigate to Inventory > Product Catalog.
  2. Click Add Multiple Products.
    product catalog
  3. Choose Download a Template and, in the dialog box, select Download Your Product List.
    adding multiple products
    spreadsheet template
  4. Once you’ve downloaded your Product Catalog Spreadsheet, populate all battery related columns for those SKUs that are or contain batteries.
    spreadsheet template highlights
    sample data
  5. Once populated, upload the spreadsheet back into your Shipwire Account by navigating to the Add Multiple Products per steps 1 and 2.
  6. Click Choose File and navigate to your updated products spreadsheet.
  7. Validate that no Problem SKU’s are identified. If issues are found, correct the issues and retry the upload. If no issues are found, click Upload.
    data review
    Required fields if updating via spreadsheet upload:

    • If you indicate LI-METAL as battery_type, the battery_amount_of_lithium field is required.
    • If you indicate LI-ION or LI-POLYMER as battery_type, the battery_capacity field is required.
    • If any lithium type of battery is selected, battery_quantity and battery_number_of_cells is required.

    Tip! Be sure the data you provide matches what is found in the instruction section of the document, rows 36 – 44. (Ex: If the term LI-ION is in CAPS, then the term must also be in CAPS in the spreadsheet.)

  8. Additionally, for customers that manage their Product Catalogs electronically, updates are supported via the Product API. Information about API integrations is available in the Developer Center.

    Please ensure your product catalog is accurately update to avoid carrier delays and shipping refusals. For more information about shipping batteries, see our Guide to Shipping Lithium Batteries and Acceptable Use Policy.

    If you have questions or need assistance in updating your Product Catalog, please contact us at customercare@ingrammicroservices.com.

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