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Upgrade FAQ

Do I need to upgrade?

No, you can continue to use your existing account as is.

Why should I upgrade?

We have upgraded our service from top to bottom. This includes many new usability enhancements, as well as a new warehouse in Toronto, Canada.

Why shouldn’t I upgrade now?

Pricing has been upgraded with our new accounts. We now offer our merchants the ability to create a custom plan online, and to change it at any time. While most of our customers will experience total lower costs, some of our customers may prefer their current account and pricing plans.

Also note: upgrading is a one way street. Once we upgrade your account, we will not be able to downgrade later. Please clarify any questions before requesting the upgrade.

What if I have questions?

Pricing and usability questions can best be answered by showing, rather than explaining you the new system. Please try it out. We are confident you will agree the new system is a very welcome upgrade. After you have setup a free new account, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Request Upgrade

Try It Out Go to the new site. Click Pricing & Signup. Sign up for a new account.
Request Upgrade Provide us with your current account email, and your new account email.
Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your account to be upgraded.
Submit Case Open a case, and have customer service assist you directly.
Request a Feature We want to hear from you.

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