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Shipwire Label Printing for USPS Click-n-Ship Customers

Welcome U.S. Postal Service Click-n-Ship® Customers.

Shipwire, Endicia® and the U.S.P.S. are working together to ensure you can print postage immediately.

Solution Overview

  • Convenient. Print labels and schedule pickups online while sitting at your desk. Print on envelopes, labels or paper.
  • Flexible. Print just the postage you need, when you need it. Print more anytime.
  • Risk Free. No monthly, setup or cancellation fees.
  • Affordable. Pay for postage with your credit card or use PayPal®. Never overpay for postage again.
  • Fast. Instant approval with a valid e-mail address. Be printing postage in a couple clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

* How fast can I be printing? Sign-up with a valid e-mail, insert your payment method and be printing postage in minutes.
* Is there any charge for the account? No, the Shipwire account is free.
* How much does online postage cost? Print postage at normal postage rates and a nominal $.20 per label charge for credit card or PayPal® charges.
* Why Shipwire? Shipwire is an official U.S.P.S. label printer, powered by Endicia.
* What other services does Shipwire provide? Shipwire is a global ecommece order fulfillment solutions. Merchants send us inventory which we store and ship for them from warehouses in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.
* My Shipwire account doesn’t have warehouse or fulfillment features? Correct. Signing up for online postage printing provides you with a online postage only account. You can upgrade anytime to a full service Shipwire account.
* Why can’t I do this at the U.S. Postal Service Web site? See the Shipwire blog for updates on USPS.

Disclaimer: U.S.P.S. and Endicia logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Click-n-Ship® is a trademark owned and registered by the U.S. Postal Service and used by permission.

Shipwire overview | Order fulfillment guide

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Our printable Overview PDF guide explains how Shipwire works and how we can help your business. Learn how to save time, grow sales, and expand globally with Shipwire’s award-winning order fulfillment platform.

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