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Australia ecommerce: understanding the market and shopper

Deciding whether to enter the Australian market can be a big decision for your business, but don’t overcomplicate it. The country may be far-flung and its logistics needs might seem complex, but you’ll have partners who can streamline all that comes with ecommerce shipping. Instead of worrying about potential differences in this new market, let’s focus on the similarities. Australia has long been an important trade partner, and numerous businesses have established successful outposts there thanks to its...

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Australia ecommerce: The complete guide

Standing apart from rest of the world, Australia remained economically strong during the global financial crisis of 2008, affirming consumer and financial confidence in its market. And it remains economically strong today — but that’s not all. For overseas ecommerce sellers looking to expand into a new market, Australia offers a great opportunity for growth. Its consumer market is incentivized to buy online from international merchants due to the limited domest...

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Shipping Evernote Market

Evernote is one of the most beautifully and curated brands out there. Look, feel, functionality, accessibility — the list goes on, but the point is simple: every detail of the Evernote app is thoughtfully designed. It’s no surprise, then, that the same philosophy extended to the creation of Evernote Market, the company’s online store, which houses physical goods that help users work better. Evernote Market is a pioneer in connecting physical goods with digital tools for a more complete user experience. It features tools that integrate with its app — for example, a Jot Script stylus with an extra-thin tip and ScanSnap scanner that automatically scans, senses, and autofil...

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Webinar: Expanding Your Brand into Australia

  We’re proud to announce that our warehouse in Australia is now open for business! A recording of our webinar, Expanding Your Brand into Australia, is now available. An import guide for international merchants can be found here, and if you have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ section of this page, please leave them in the comments.  ...

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Fulfilling Kickstarter rewards for Supr Good

A while ago, we had a chance to sit down with Erik Melander, Supr Good co-founder, to talk about the experience of launching a brand from Kickstarter, as well as the challenge of fulfilling Kickstarter rewards for thousands of backers he never expected to attract....

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New integration: Ubercart & Drupal Commerce

We are proud to announce that we now have Ubercart and Drupal Commerce fulfillment integrations that work with the Drupal 7 content management framework. These are the first modules available on to provide merchants with fully automated order fulfillment, real time quotes, and shipment tracking. They allow Ubercart and Drupal Commerce merchants to offload product storage and shipping, reduce shipping time and costs, and open up international markets through a network of global warehouses. The modules were built by Shipwire partner, Coda, making full use of Shipwire’s order fulfillment APIs. This means stores on Drupal 7 can provide real-time shipping rates in their cart, automate their order fulfillment, get tracking information, keep inventory levels in sync, and more. The modules make use of Rules events in Drupal, which allow for significant customization of the order fulfillment process. For more information, see the...

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New FedEx & UPS Dimensional Weight Changes

Dimensional weight – the method that accounts for package volume rather than weight alone – may soon become the new normal. That’s because in May, FedEx announced dim weight rules would apply to all shipments beginning in 2015, and yesterday, UPS followed suit with a similar announcement. The company said the change would align ground shipping standards with the approach used for air. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the move will also boost its bottom line. Some estimates say the change could bring the company an additional $350 million in annual sales, pulled straight from the pockets of merchants and individuals....

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