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Announcing Our New Shipping APIs and Developer Center

At Shipwire, we have always understood that building a world-class logistics and shipping platform means having great developer tools. Since our inception, we have provided industry-leading XML-based APIs that have served thousands of developers well. But we knew we could do much better, and that this would be important as we sought to unlock many more developer capabilities. Today, we’re excited to announce an overhaul of the way we do shipping APIs with the new Shipwire Developer Center. With the new Developer Center we are releasing new APIs, features, and functionality that will empower developers all over the world to build tools for the next generation of ecommerce merchants. These enhancements are just the beginning and i...

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Shipwire at Nearly Impossible SF & NYC

As huge fans of product entrepreurship and growing brands, we’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring a new conference, Nearly Impossible. The conference has two dates and locations: in San Francisco on September 20th, and in New York on October 30th. We’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and to meeting lots of new ones and if you’d like to connect while there, please let us know. If you’re curious to know why we sponsored the event, check out what we have to say below:...

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Australia ecommerce: getting goods to Australia

So you’ve decided to expand your business to Australia, drawn by its advanced economy, favorable growth prospects, and considerable spending power. But you might be wondering how to actually get started. Fortunately, doing business in Australia is pretty straightforward. The biggest question you should be weighing is what goods to bring down under—and how to get them there....

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Australia ecommerce: building your brand and increasing sales

There is a wide range of things to bear in mind as you triangulate a new ecommerce selling territory, especially one as far-flung as Australia. As much as you might be getting familiar with the country — by learning about how it boasts one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets, or how its shoppers have impressive buying power — Australia needs to get to know your business, too. You might be wondering, then, about how you actually import your brand to the country. After all, that’s how you’ll build your reputation and bolster sales among buyers who don’t yet know your business....

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Australia ecommerce: understanding the market and shopper

Deciding whether to enter the Australian market can be a big decision for your business, but don’t overcomplicate it. The country may be far-flung and its logistics needs might seem complex, but you’ll have partners who can streamline all that comes with ecommerce shipping....

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Australia ecommerce: The complete guide

For overseas ecommerce sellers looking to expand into a new market, Australia offers a great opportunity for growth. Its consumer market is incentivized to buy online from international merchants due to the limited domestic product selection and high prices they typically face when shopping. There are other qualities that make the Australia ecommerce market an attractive one, and expanding business there is easier than you may think. Dig deeper into this and more in our complete guide to ecommerce in Australia....

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Carrier update: Canada Post, Royal Mail, USPS

Recently, several mail carriers changed the names of their services. Service levels will remain the same, but are now referenced by the names in the table below....

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