Female Leaders Shine in Transforming Technology Panel

Female Leaders from Shipwire recently participated in a Women Transforming Technology panel, one of many new initiatives to promote and celebrate their contributions to our industry and organization.

In May, six of Shipwire’s female leaders were invited to participate in the Women Transforming Technology Panel to speak on the subject, “Women in Supply Chain and Logistics: Making Moves in this Trending Industry.” During the event, they talked about their unique experiences entering a male-dominated field and shed light on the instrumental contributions women have made to help advance the industry, both technologically and operationally.

Have you entered or considered entering a “less approachable career field” before? If so, you’ll appreciate hearing their perspectives on doing just that and more. You can hear their stories and watch the full panel discussion here.

In addition to bringing attention to female leadership and career development through speaking events, the Shipwire team puts intentional effort into building networks and skills to promote women in the workplace internally. In March, we created a group called the Women of IMCLS with the goal of recognizing the leadership, power and experiences of women in our organization. Since then, the group has welcomed a few different speakers and has focused on planning development workshops, a mentorship program, ways to promote mental health and more. Building professional social networks is also key to the group, and activities like a Keep It Movin’ Challenge, shared meditation sessions and events like a paint night, happy hour trivia, and cooking with cocktails keep things fun and engaging.

Despite pandemic-related restrictions and limitations that have forced so many things to be hosted digitally, our team (including male allies) has done an impressive job of staying positive and connected, and I can only imagine what will be possible when the Women of IMCLS are able to organize again in person.

Casey Billings
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Shipwire
Casey Billings is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Shipwire. Her work is devoted to product and feature launches, demand generation and understanding how our products make our customers’ lives easier. She’s previously spent time on our Global Account Management team, gaining a better understanding of our customers’ point of view and experiences first-hand. She has a passion for customer communications and nerdy product launches, as well as, tennis and hiking in the Pacific Northwest.
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