Case Study


How LIFEAID leveraged the Shipwire Platform to support growing volumes and retailer success.


  • Utilizing four Shipwire facilities, LIFEAID is servicing 90% of their U.S. customers within a two-day timeframe
  • Given Shipwire’s negotiated small parcel rates, LIFEAID grew top line by 60%, yet shipping cost only went up by 9% overall
  • Dedicated Account Manager to streamline support
  • Operational procedures to meet retailer compliance requirements

“With our old carrier we had a different point of contact for every distribution center. As we scale, we need to create better efficiencies so we can reduce the time spent on logistics. Having a main point of contact at Shipwire has really helped improve those efficiencies.”
Orion Melehan CEO & Co-Founder, LIFEAID

Partnering to optimize operational logistics & retail fulfillment

​LIFEAID Beverage Company is revolutionizing the nutritional lifestyle beverage industry. Co-founders Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde strived to create a simple, healthy beverage to fuel day-to-day activities. LIFEAID has seen huge success in their ecommerce business, sponsoring sporting events and with large retailers around the United States. LIFEAID has partnered with Shipwire to create a custom solution to fit their brand’s specific needs and service their diverse client base around the United States.

Download the full case study to learn more about LIFEAID’s journey to success.

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