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Innovative sporting goods company, Storelli, grows through global ecommerce and retail channels with the help of Shipwire

Why Shipwire
global warehouses
pre-built shopping cart, marketplace and ERP connectors
years of operational experience

Claudio Storelli, founder and CEO of Storelli, talks with account manager, Randy Asahan, about his company’s experience with Shipwire, and how the pioneer sporting goods brand – focused on high-tech protective soccer equipment – leverages the Shipwire Platform to power their global logistics.

Storelli was founded in 2010 in New York City and is the brainchild of a soccer player with a PhD in biophysics and an action sports industrial designer. Their complimentary partnership gave way to one of the most innovative soccer equipment companies in the world. With athlete safety as a founding principle, Storelli designs products to shield players of all ages and abilities from head-to-toe sports injuries.

For the past decade, Storelli has worked exclusively with Shipwire for logistics, relying heavily on its global order management and control. The long-term partnership has seen both companies through tremendous growth and we were thrilled when founder and CEO, Claudio Storelli, asked to drop by our headquarters to discuss future business plans while he was in town.

Claudio Storelli & Randy Asahan

After reviewing upcoming plans, account manager, Randy Asahan, took the opportunity to chat with Claudio about the company’s journey and future. Reflecting on the early days of partnering with Shipwire, he explained that they wanted to work with an innovative fulfillment company that could support their global growth, an expanding product catalog, existing sales channels, and new ones they might add.

What’s next for Storelli?

Shipwire is proud to remain Storelli’s exclusive fulfillment partner as the company continues to grow. Storelli’s latest products focus on reducing sports-related head injuries for all ages of players, and we look forward to supporting them in their mission to promote and protect the long-term health of athletes around the world. Today, the company is fulfilling direct-to-consumer ecommerce orders and B2B retail orders through fulfillment centers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Daventry, United Kingdom, and has seen a 650% increase in outbound orders since beginning to work with Shipwire in 2010. The Shipwire Platform is of particular value to the team, providing a single-click view of all their fulfillment centers, inventory levels and order information. This, combined with intuitive order routing and rating logic, enables cost savings on transportation and fast shipping to end-customers.

With over 40 years of operational experience and advanced technology, Shipwire helped Storelli launch retail sales, navigate complex requirements, and streamline order fulfillment while positioning the brand for growth. Through Shipwire’s channel capabilities, freight accounts were set up and Shipwire was able to hardcode retail compliance to enable B2B shipping to sports retailers.

Claudio Storelli
“We chose Shipwire as a fulfillment partner because of their ability to handle the full complexity of our business in a single, user-friendly solution. We work with warehouses across continents, filling orders ranging from direct-to-consumer to complex B2B orders. The Shipwire Platform and supporting teams are able to handle it all, and we have everything at our fingertips in a single dashboard. In addition, we found the rates to be highly competitive, so we are getting the best of quality at the best of prices.”
Claudio Storelli Founder and CEO, Storelli

3 Most valuable elements of the partnership, according to Storelli

  1. Integrated Shipwire Platform:
    The user interface is simple, intuitive and requires little time to train new people to use it. It’s easy to implement as we scale the company.
  2. Seamless order visibility and management:
    We can manage everything through one order and inventory management system, including our ecommerce orders and retail channels across global facilities.
  3. The people:
    They work hard, we can always call them and they’re ready to help.

Did you know?

In the early days of Peak Design, the company managed their own fulfillment needs and shipped orders from their office in California. Now, a decade since the company was founded, they’re using six Shipwire fulfillment centers strategically located in the following locations: Mira Loma, California; Shenzhen, China; Waalwijk, Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; Daventry, UK; and Eastern Creek, Australia. An expansive warehouse footprint allows the company to reach customers quickly while decreasing shipping and fulfillment costs, and shoppers around the world are delighted to receive their orders quickly.

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