Case Study

Partnership with Logicbroker

Shipwire partners with Logicbroker to empower customers to increase sales, reach more customers, minimize documentation errors, and maximize efficiency.

Seeking a better way to help ecommerce sellers comply with retailers’ required EDI and drop ship specifications, Shipwire teamed up with Logicbroker to empower customers to increase sales, reach more customers, minimize documentation errors, and maximize efficiency.

The Challenge

Shipwire fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer, retail, and drop shipping channels by leveraging APIs and a network of global warehouses. As we began exploring the difference between building EDI connections for ourselves or partnering with an existing company, we found several solutions that would allow us to expand our service offerings and give our customers full-service ecommerce enablement.

While exploring various options and evaluating providers, Shipwire and Logicbroker opened a conversation about a partnership together. The goal was to partner with a company that could provide the most convenient way to connect customers to retail and marketplace channels as quickly as possible without sacrificing their experience. Logicbroker has robust integration options and offers platform users flexible communication including API, EDI, XML, CSV, and more.

Casey Billings, Shipwire
“We chose Logicbroker due to its speed to market and our shared values. We are both customer-centric companies who only want our customers to use the best solutions to help them grow their businesses. Logicbroker shares these values, and we trust them to enable our customers and ensure the best possible customer experience.”
Casey Billings Senior Product Marketing Manager, Shipwire

Adopting A Solution

To enhance our customers’ experience, Shipwire sought to adopt flexible communication protocols to ensure compliance with retail channel mandates and maximize efficiency. With Logicbroker, our customers can connect quickly to limitless channels without the hassle of IT department involvement or written code by leveraging Logicbroker’s API-first platform. Shipwire customers can rely on their partnership with Logicbroker to maintain a stable and secure connection to receive and fulfill orders from numerous retail channels in one environment.

Our passion for delivering excellent customer service is bolstered by Logicbroker’s knowledge base and API interface. Vendors no longer need to search internal and external documents to navigate retailer requirements but instead can visit Logicbroker’s dedicated Learning Management System to find the documentation they need for a safe and reliable connection.

Growing Results

After just a few months into the partnership, Shipwire was able to help ecommerce brands expand into new sales channels to reach new target customers and increase profits. Logicbroker and Shipwire have since expanded their partnership beyond technology to business strategy. Together, they’re exploring new opportunities and sharing insights into the evolving ecommerce space, enabling them to evolve their platforms to meet their customers’ changing needs.

Armed with a full-service, API-first solution powered by Logicbroker, Shipwire’s customers enjoy enhanced communication, efficient management, high-level visibility into the order lifecycle, and better performance with their sales channels.

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