B2B Fulfillment

Streamline your B2B shipment process and improve retail compliance with Shipwire’s B2B Visualization Engine

Big box retailers often have unique and complex routing orders. Whether you sell on Best Buy, Target, Walmart or any other retailer, Shipwire brings the connection and experience to achieve compliant, hassle-free shipments.

Manage any major shopping cart with our direct integrations and open APIs. Shipwire seamlessly connects to ERPs so you can automate shipping and see inventory and orders at a glance.

Additional distribution channels

Increase your brand’s visibility and boost profits by connecting to more retail channels. Meet the Service Level Agreements of each channel to achieve retail compliance.

Simplified wholesale fulfillment

Benefit from a technology-focused fulfillment solution that gives brands visibility into their inventory and control over their end-to-end logistics.

Unified logistics network

Set up EDI connectivity for a fast, effective link to any retailer, and enable replenishment and dropship functionality. Integrate and automate order fulfillment through Shipwire’s cloud-based platform and access a network of 3PLs and WMS systems.

Why Shipwire?

Every business is different, which is why we offer custom solutions to enterprise clients in need of a reliable and scalable 3PL network to support their wholesale demand.

Ensure retail compliance

When retail routing guidelines and requirements are not followed, the fines add up. Leverage Shipwire to navigate these increasingly strict measures and avoid costly errors along the way.

Use proven pre-set processes for fast onboarding

Hit the ground running with wholesale and retail orders. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each new vendor, rely on scalable and repeatable processes to fulfill B2B orders quickly and seamlessly.

Prevent stock outs with real-time alerts

Protect your revenue with real-time inventory alerts that signal when stock is running low. Ensure uninterrupted sales and maintain visibility over inventory across all sales channels.

Use any major carrier for optimal shipping and delivery

Use our carrier rates, your existing rate agreements, or ship on third-party retail accounts. Optimize for speed, price or location when shipping for your wholesale orders.

Leverage long-standing relationships with major retailers

Benefit from our relationships with popular eCommerce retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy. Our familiarity with their processes means you’ll have knowledgeable support, too.

Reduce chargebacks with repeatable operational retail guidelines and EDI/API integration options

Shipwire connects every warehouse and wholesale channel to ensure procedural compliance. Automate wholesale order replenishment and fulfillment based on retail requirements, and achieve a completely integrated system.

Protect important data in a secure portal

Keep vendor, manufacturer and supplier data safe with Shipwire’s secure platform and data processing regulations.

Replenish inventory in just a few clicks

Restock any sales outlet with just a few clicks. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to replenish inventory when locations run low, or opt to automate your resupply timelines.

Dedicated B2B portal

Get access to a dedicated B2B dashboard within Shipwire. Ensure routing guide compliance, stage shipments, schedule pickups and download supporting documents for each shipment.

Speed to deploy retailers

Dramatically reduce the time it normally takes to add sales channels using Shipwire’s expansive library of point-and-click retailers. To begin the approval process, simply select a retailer from the list and customize the channel options to match your needs.

Ensure compliance

Avoid chargebacks and other non-compliance penalties. Our system ensures all warehouse locations follow a unified operational retail guideline, raising the quality of the B2B order fulfillment process.

Improved visibility for everyone

Expand visibility for all parties involved in your fulfillment processes. Shipwire organizes all B2B actions and data in a centralized portal so that critical information regarding dates, at-risk shipments and other activities are available as needed.

Unlike many shipping platforms, Shipwire’s fulfillment network can create GS1-128 labels and design the entire pick-up process with photo and uploaded file documentation. Most platforms are not designed to create the labels and paperwork required for large wholesale orders.

Increase replenishment speed

Improve efficiency with every order. Just connect a retailer and access bulk scheduling, pick-up, and release. Jump straight to scheduling a pick-up whenever a Shipwire warehouse has existing staging requirements for a certain retailer. Leverage our experience to speed up the process while staying compliant. No missed appointments, missing documents, or missed opportunities.

Secure every pallet

View pallet count, weight, type, SSCC label and more within the B2B portal. Make decisions knowing you have access to all the details you need about your inventory.

Shipwire in action

Case study
Best Buy Canada
Traditional brick and mortar retailer finds success in multi-channel sales

Now one of North America’s largest retailers, Best Buy Canada offers over 60,000 products ranging from consumer electronics to baby products. If you’re looking for appliances, luggage, mattresses, yoga gear – or anything in between – Best Buy Canada has you covered.

Expand your business with a custom commerce solution

We’ll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and supports your growth.

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