Integrate the optimal tech stack

Leverage the entire ecommerce tech ecosystem

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Shipwire comes with more than 200 pre-built shopping carts, marketplaces, and ERP connectors. The platform utilizes all of these integrations to provide visibility and control over to:

Exact state of inventory
Optimal delivery routes per order
Profitability per sales channel
SKU-level performance
Returns management capabilities
Warehouse performance

The benefits of a fully connected
logistics solution

Eliminate errors and save time

Manual order management is slow and error-prone. With the integrated Shipwire platform, fulfillment can be automated, managed across any sales channel, and connected to any tool.

Create an intelligent business center

Integrate through Shipwire or our integration partners to receive, process, and optimize order fulfillment quickly and efficiently — no in-house IT needed.

Rapid implementation

Shipwire’s dedicated engineers are experts in the broader ecommerce ecosystem. Merchants get access to a dedicated implementation team that facilitates integrations on the technical side and ensures all warehouses are plugged into the network.

We facilitate end-to-end integration, so our customers get resource-rich access without the need for large internal IT teams.

We understand each business is unique, so each strategy is tailored based on suppliers, sales channels, and required functionality.

Customize any connection

Set up integrations exactly to spec through a full suite of APIs.

  • Orders API: Create new orders and update, cancel, or analyze existing orders.
  • Rate API: Enable real-time rate shopping and access shipping quotes by service level, carrier, or warehouse.
  • Webhooks API: Subscribe to real-time notifications for fulfillment events and trigger workflows in other systems.
  • Stock API: Receive inventory levels and status updates about any product in any fulfillment center.
  • Receiving API: Notify the Shipwire platform when inventory will arrive and provide ASN information to suppliers.
  • Locations & Vendors API: Set up and manage third-party inventory storage locations and manage vendors (XML only).
  • Return Endpoint API: Create, cancel, or query returns. Receive itemized lists of contents or holds and generate return labels.
  • Product API: Access product catalogs to manage, modify, and retire products, marketing inserts, and kits.
  • Purchase Order API: Create, edit, cancel, or request more information about individual purchase orders.

Connect with the full ecommerce ecosystem

Cart connectors

Plug and play with connectors to Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Connectivity partners

Integrate through tools like ChannelAdvisor, Channel Engine, SPS Commerce, StitchLabs, and more.

ERP and CRM solutions

Harness Shipwire alongside enterprise tools such as NetSuite, Celigo, Oracle, Salesforce, and more.


Build custom connections to any proprietary solutions with robust Shipwire APIs.

Centralize Your Fulfillment Operations

Operate Shipwire as a command center that works with multiple industry-leading tools, partners, and providers. Enjoy a clear business overview from one dashboard and see inventory velocity, consumer insights, sales channel performance, and more.

Leverage the software already a part of your process, while gaining access to a number of connectivity partners and tools that seamlessly integrate with Shipwire. View our partners page for a full list of integrations.

Expand your business with a custom commerce solution

We’ll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and supports your growth.

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