Route Optimization

Ship with the most optimized fulfillment routes

Automatically calculate and select ideal shipping routes based on price, proximity, and preferences

Utilize machine learning to analyze carrier rates, delivery fees, and shipping routes in seconds. Find the shortest, most cost-effective fulfillment strategy for each order.

The Shipwire platform innovatively utilizes proprietary tools to automatically calculate ideal warehouses, carriers, and delivery routes depending on merchant-set preferences. Opt for the fastest route, lowest fees, or preferred warehouses.

Save time and money, provide a better buyer experience, and optimize every order.

Powered by machine learning

Using machine learning, Shipwire analyzes a multitude of data points to determine optimal delivery methods, including:

  • Inventory availability across fulfillment locations
  • Customer proximity
  • Shipping fees
  • Carrier service levels
  • Packaging options
  • Product dimensions
  • Custom business rules

Why Shipwire?

Discover the fastest, most cost-effective shipping method effortlessly.

Geographic routing

Automatically determine the fastest optimal route with geographic routing and inventory availability checks.

Customizable preferences

Set routes according to preferences. Opt in or out of split orders, establish preferred locations by SKU, enable carriers and service levels, and more.

Increased sustainability

Reduce packaging waste with smart box selections and use fewer resources by taking the shortest delivery routes.

Expansive global locations

Access a diverse international fulfillment network. Shipwire encompasses CEVA Logistics warehouses, independent 3PLs, local and global carriers, and more.

Large-scale rate shopping

Simultaneous rate-shopping across multiple carriers reveals the most affordable shipping method every time.

Integrated shipping costs

Display shipping costs directly in checkout with our Rate API or pre-built connectors. Adjust rates to maximize conversion.

Average order value optimization

Configure shipping promotions to increase cart values by offering free shipping for minimum order values.

Expand your business with a custom commerce solution

We’ll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and supports your growth.

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