Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

A strong returns management solution is a competitive advantage

Returns and reverse logistics are critical elements of ecommerce. A clear, well-executed returns policy and process increases shopping cart conversions and will extend your customer lifetime value (CLV). Use Shipwire to master product returns, win sales and gain loyal customers.

Returns management

When it comes to managing returns, it’s important to be flexible. There are many reasons returns occur and a strong reverse logistics process requires identifying the reason for a given return and organizing processes and return routing accordingly. Shipwire can handle complex returns from marketplace sales, direct-to-consumer ecommerce, retail sales and wholesale orders.

Why Shipwire?

Return shipping optimization

Offer customers prepaid shipping labels that don’t incur charges until used. Access affordable returns that use the most optimal routes and ship faster.

Seamless reverse logistics

Process returns, applying quality control measures to relabel and repackage orders. Use Shipwire to manage shipping, inventory tracking, inspection and more.

Worldwide coverage

Accept returns from domestic and international buyers — logistics hubs in strategic locations make it easy! Support, process and optimize returns efficiently using Shipwire’s network.

Return repurposing

Recover margins and reduce waste by leveraging value added services to revitalize returned items so they can be returned to inventory. Shipwire supports product inspection, inserts, custom packaging, kitting and other services to refresh damaged returns.

See the results

Case study
Happy Returns
Shipwire and Happy Returns Create Customer-First eCommerce Logistics

With explosive growth in online shopping — greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic — shoppers expect simple, smooth returns and consider this to be a top priority in an online purchasing decision. In order to provide brands and retailers the best returns experience for their customers, Shipwire has teamed up with Happy Returns.

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