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Happy Returns

Shipwire and Happy Returns Create Customer-First eCommerce Logistics

With explosive growth in online shopping — greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic — shoppers expect simple, smooth returns and consider this to be a top priority in an online purchasing decision. In order to provide brands and retailers the best returns experience for their customers, Shipwire has teamed up with Happy Returns.

Why Shipwire
global warehouses
pre-built shopping cart, marketplace and ERP connectors
years of operational experience

Solutions Overview

  • Shipwire fulfillment and order and inventory platform integrated with Happy Returns to create plug and play, simple returns
  • Hassle-free, in-person exchanges and returns
  • 20% ​​lower costs on aggregated shipping
  • Eliminate the cost and difficulties of in-house software development
  • Better customer experience
Happy Returns provides comprehensive return solutions for leading online and omni-channel retailers. Through Happy Returns, retailers receive a best-in-class branded online return and exchange flow and can offer their end customers simple, flexible options for returning purchases. Shoppers can complete returns: in-person via Happy Returns’ network of 2,500+ Return Bar locations, through a retailer’s own stores, or by carrier. Happy Returns provides aggregated shipping and logistics, optimized disposition, and delivers returns to retailers’ chosen destinations — all with comprehensive reporting.

The Challenge

Shipwire is the best in the business when it comes to forward logistics. Huge increases in eCommerce purchases mean that it’s critical to provide shoppers with a simple returns process, and this requires a solution that integrates with our business processes.

“Our customers are seeking smart ways to deal with exchanges and returns as they cope with this explosion in eCommerce.”
Jean Francois Head of Strategic Partnerships, Shipwire

The Opportunity

In response to market trends and customer requests, Shipwire sought an easy, ready-made returns solution.

The only question was how to best approach launching the solution — and Happy Returns held the answer.

Casey Billings
“With the acceleration of online shopping, we knew that returns would soar because consumers overbuy online to replicate the experience of trying on and touching various products. Those extra items then get returned, and brands and retailers need to handle the whole cycle smoothly to remain competitive.”
Casey Billings Senior Product Marketing Manager, Shipwire

The Solution

Adding Happy Returns for easy returns and exchanges to Shipwire’s already-robust logistics offering has resulted in a complete 3PL lifecycle solution for online brands and retailers. From order management and fulfillment to reverse logistics — including returns and exchanges, repair, recycling, disposition, or resale into secondary markets — brands and retailers working with Shipwire can have access to it all.

“Whether a small or medium-sized business has to fulfill a thousand orders a month or an enterprise company is looking to process tens of thousands of orders a day, seamless and consolidated forward and reverse logistics solutions are needed. With Happy Returns and Shipwire, that’s what brands and retailers get.”
Jean Francois Head of Strategic Partnerships, Shipwire

“For example, apparel companies with a sea of SKUs and a mountain of returns have access to systems that communicate reliably,” said Jean. “And all the technical processes are invisible to shoppers.” Shipwire and Happy Returns are currently developing a native integration between their two platforms to make it easier and more efficient for customers to connect without the need for customization.

Happy Returns customer scanning QR code

The Benefits

Hassle-Free Returns

Online shoppers benefit from fast, easy and convenient return options. Returns can be made in-store, in-person via Happy Returns’ nationwide network of Return Bars, or by mail.

Reduced Costs

In-person returns eliminate mailing costs and are aggregated by Happy Returns before shipment, reducing shipping expenses by 20% on average. Shipwire customers also realize significant savings by using the Happy Returns software stack, rather than developing their own solutions.

Better Shopper Experience

QR codes generated through branded return portals enable no-box, no-label returns, eliminating hassles associated with returns and resulting in an enhanced shopper experience.

“Happy Returns is a key element of our growth strategy moving forward. It’s going to be hard to use any solution outside of this.”
Jean Francois Head of Strategic Partnerships, Shipwire

Shipwire is incorporating Happy Returns into logistics solutions for a growing number of customers. Contact us to learn more about using our comprehensive forward and reverse logistics offerings for your business.

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