Track, measure, and optimize

Uncover actionable insights into business and channel performance

With customizable reports, pre-built analytics, webhooks, and robust APIs, Shipwire transparently displays your entire business operations, from supplier to consumer. Utilize different methods of data analysis to gain actionable inventory insights, craft smart fulfillment strategies, and ensure orders are being processed optimally.

Multiple ways to view data

Activity history

Build, adjust, and download customizable reports that show order status, inventory counts, carriers, costs, and more.

Business reports

View ready-made reports that detail the most important order and inventory metrics.


Subscribe to webhooks to stay informed of the latest inventory and order updates.


Connect to Shipwire APIs to craft comprehensive reports across any dashboard or tool.

Real-time reports and data visualization

Shipwire reports reveal:

Customer geography trends for intelligent inventory placement
Sales channel performance for optimal investment strategy
Inventory velocity for forecasting and planning

In Business reports, quickly view pre-built dashboards that reveal account activities and customer insights.

You can see inventory performance, tracking statuses, state of returns, long-term storage, and more.

Improve visibility, discover trends, and optimize day-to-day operations.

Use Activity history to filter through:

  • Date
  • Status
  • Items
  • Warehouse
  • Carrier
  • Tracking number
  • SKU details
  • Retail channel
  • Order number
  • Shipping cost
  • Customer details
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Phone

Expand your business with a custom commerce solution

We’ll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and supports your growth.

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