Manage orders and inventory

Track and manage all inventory and orders from a central dashboard

View orders and inventory in real time. Filter data by status, location, sales channel, and more. Set up safeguards to ensure smooth operations and a seamless customer experience.

The Shipwire platform features a complete order and inventory management system that provides full operational control for businesses of all sizes. This means:

Comprehensive product catalog controls
Full order status visibility
Returns management
Compliance safeguards
Full-network inventory visibility
Packaging optimization

Why Shipwire?

Robust order management

Enjoy full visibility and control of inbound and outbound orders, forward and return orders, order routing, split orders, and short shipments.

Product catalog administration

Track and manage unlimited SKUs and variants across every fulfillment location and sales channel. Set SKU-level compliance, prep instructions, labeling guidelines, and more.

Inventory allocation

Manage product inventory and strategically assign stock to different retail channels. View real-time inventory levels categorized for easy analysis.

Real-time rate calculation

Shipwire calculates shipping and handling charges across multiple providers to automatically discover the most affordable shipping options based on desired service level.

Packaging optimization

Discover ideal packaging dimensions for optimal shipping rates and reduced packaging waste. Set packaging preferences, include marketing inserts, and dictate dunnage.

Bundling intelligence

Create bundles and track bundled inventory levels. Keep inventory separate and kit as needed, or store as ready-made bundles. Utilize inventory from multiple locations and maintain accurate inventory counts throughout.

Operational safeguards

Prevent warehouses from receiving incorrect orders or orders with additional requirements. Set up flags and protections against problematic orders such as incorrect addresses. Shipwire intelligently holds certain orders for review to ensure smooth operations and reduce headaches.

Returns processing

Make returns more profitable. Shipwire can fully integrate the complete returns processes for quick and easy returns. Monitor key metrics to understand how to reduce returns.

Customer communications

Automatically send buyers tracking numbers to keep them informed of their order status and prevent unnecessary support tickets.

Proactive inventory management

Set inventory alerts to manage supply proactively. Track and organize inbound inventory from any manufacturer.

Global inventory distribution

Place inventory close to demand through a worldwide distribution network. Leverage integrations with global and local carriers to secure competitive shipping rates. Automatically calculate customs and duties in real time for international orders.

Dedicated B2B portal

View B2B orders and inventory statuses separate from D2C to analyze wholesale versus retail revenue, expenses, and channel success.

Global compliance

Shipwire can intelligently hold orders that require additional documents or certificates. Review and adjust orders to ensure compliance.

Detailed reports and dashboards

See order status in real time across B2B and D2C channels. Review pre-built reports, create custom dashboards, or connect via API to analyze the data in external platforms.

Expand your business with a custom commerce solution

We’ll work with you to design a solution that fits your needs and supports your growth.

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