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Affiliate program FAQ

Does Shipwire have an Affiliate program?

Yes. You can get information for it and sign up at the partner program page.

How do I submit a lead and get it tracked to my Affiliate ID?

Go to your Lead form and fill out the form. When you signed up at partner program page you got an e-mail back from us with a URL (looks like https://www.shipwire.com/pp/o.php?id=XXXX with XXXX being your affiliate ID). That URL takes you to your lead page. You can send your referrals to that page to sign up OR simply go there and plug in your referral’s contact information.

Filling out that form, tags the lead from you and alerts our team.

What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Developer Partner?

The level of integration and how you work with Shipwire. Shipwire uses our affiliate registration program to track referrals for all our “partner programs” (Affiliates, sales agents, designers, developers and partners in general) for compensation purposes. Developers and designers typically integrate Shipwire into a shopping cart or application. We have provided special calls in our API’s for these partners to embed their commission tracking number (Affiliate ID).

If you want to promote Shipwire on your blog or newsletter, just grab an affiliate ID and embed your link in your post or site. If you have a large audience and want to work out a customized marketing program together, please use the contact form and reach out to the partner team.

Where are your developer resources and API info?

Go to the Developer pages.

Is there a fee to be a partner or affiliate?

It’s free to signup and participate.

Do you have more information on the affiliate program?

Yes. See the list below:

How do I reset my affiliate password?

Go to the affiliate partner login page and walk through the password reset steps. If that doesn’t fix the issue please generate a support ticket.

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