White Paper

Building a Scalable Tech Stack with 3 Key Tools

Industry experts share their insights on leveraging ideal ecommerce tools to help you achieve financial gains while delivering a stellar customer experience.

We all know the importance of a good customer experience — it can communicate value and quality to shoppers and has the power to lock in their loyalty to your brand. The less obvious thing is how to offer a customer experience that doesn’t sacrifice your profitability. This white paper is designed to help you achieve financial gains while delivering a stellar customer experience.

In short, the key to accomplishing both goals is to have a specific fulfillment strategy for each of your sales channels and a strong technology stack can help make the process consistent and efficient. It requires the right systems, partners, and technology to be in place and can help accelerate your business’ success. Of course, all the recommendations we outline are scalable — something we believe to be critical for long-term success. By setting up a scalable technology stack now, you can avoid replatforming later when it’s likely to be more nuanced and carry more complex challenges.

To help you build the ideal ecommerce technology stack, Shipwire has joined forces with CommerceHub and Happy Returns. Our combined services address forward logistics, connectivity and reverse logistics, which are the essential ingredients to ecommerce success. While each company has its own focus, we share a common goal: to help online brands and retailers grow and succeed in the ecommerce market — not just now, but into the future and through whatever changes evolve in the world of commerce.

We believe in specialization and collaboration, meaning that the most successful brands and retailers know what to do on their own and what to outsource to experts who will work to enable their goals. When a brand is able to focus on developing business, product development, sales and building an audience and can rely on third party organizations to handle questions like “Has my order shipped?” or “How can I quickly connect to this big box retailer?” or “How can I make my returns profitable?” all groups can bring their areas of expertise to the table, resulting in something stronger than what the brand could achieve on it’s own. Ultimately, it saves time, it saves money, and it enables a better customer experience.

What follows is the result of ecommerce technology experts coming together to streamline your business and create an enviable ecommerce technology stack. In this guide, learn how to:

  1. Develop a fail-proof fulfillment strategy
  2. Diversify sales channels with streamlined connections
  3. Setup easy returns
This white paper is for brands and retailers who:
  • Struggle with high demand and have discovered that their existing systems can’t keep up with continuous growth
  • Are dealing with limited tools and experience, and want to streamline their ecommerce business to make things easier
  • Are trying to keep up with customer demands while providing a great customer experience, but their current ecommerce technology stack is outdated
  • Are considering new markets, looking to addB2B channels, or are growing channels quickly
  • Want to transform costly returns into a profitable business strategy
Get insider advice on how to optimize your ecommerce business.

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