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Enable retailers to manage thousands of suppliers to a unified customer experience

Dropship For Retailers: Curated endless aisle commerce

Monitor and control your supply chain. Connect directly with your suppliers to improve your customers’ shopping experience.

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Expand your product offering
Respond immediately to the changing demands of your customers and the market.
Test new products
Launch new products and measure their success in the market before making a major inventory investment.
Introduce categories in bulk
Publish new products quickly by uploading spreadsheets of product information in bulk.
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Flash transfer products instantly among vendors
Use Fulfillment Relay and sell product from other vendors to access virtually unlimited inventory.
Add more vendors
Create a self-service portal to automate onboarding and share KPIs among your suppliers.
Monitor supplier performance
Audit your suppliers’ timeliness, order accuracy and adherence to retail compliance standards.

Deliver a professional fulfillment experience

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Track performance and monitor your suppliers’ compliance with Service Level Agreements from a central portal.

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Confirm that your suppliers provide a consistent and unified delivery experience to your end customers.

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Keep your customers informed in real time. Communicate tracking information, delivery dates, backorders and more.

Maximize cash flow, reduce expenses

Reduce inventory carrying costs and concentrate your spending on initiatives that grow your business.

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Free up capital
Use drop shipping to sell more products than you physically have to stock.
Invest strategically
Test new trends, identify popular products and make wholesale purchases with confidence.
Eliminate markdowns
Don’t compromise your margins. No inventory held means no markdowns to overcome.
Aggregate volume
Get significant volume-based discounts by enabling all your suppliers to ship on your carrier accounts.
sketch of packaging optimization
Optimize order routing
Automatically rate and optimize orders based on inventory availability, delivery destination, carrier options and custom business rules.
Intelligent packaging logic
Virtually pack orders in real time for the most cost effective option, based on packaging availability.
Address verification
Prevent costly shipping delays by automatically verifying and correcting addresses.

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Offer endless aisle shopping and manage your drop ship suppliers

Expand your product catalog, manage the performance of thousands of suppliers and more.

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