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GovX is the largest ecommerce marketplace that sells merchandise exclusively to U.S. military and first-responder communities, offering discounts on a variety of products including lifestyle and tactical products. Their customers are those who protect or serve our communities and country. GovX’s tagline, ‘Savings For Those Who Serve,’ means that customers verified by GovX ID gain access to an impressive array of products from brands like Yeti, Vortex, Under Armour and Oakley, as well as privileged pricing on travel and entertainment options.

GovX partners with hundreds of brands to enable its marketplace, which relies on 3PL consumer ecommerce shipping as well as drop shipping to get products into shoppers’ hands. Using Shipwire’s warehouse network, GovX orders are fulfilled from the east and west coasts, providing fast delivery and lower shipping costs to customers across the U.S.

“Choosing a fulfillment partner that listens to our needs and is capable of scaling with us has been critical to our success. Our account manager understands our goals, is data driven, and is a partner to our business, which has been integral to our experience.”
Carol Schnugg CFO & Co-COO, GovX

Importance of a Fulfillment Partnership

With booming year-over-year growth, GovX needed a fulfillment provider that could scale with its business. They sought a company that could support heavy seasonal sales and inventory volume fluctuations, and that offered high inventory visibility.

Shipwire delivers top-tier order fulfillment for GovX, which has seen order volume grow by 53% year-over-year in the past 12 months. These record volumes require nimble operations and ecommerce technology to ensure fast fulfillment and positive customer experience upon delivery.

With more than 40 years of operational experience and with over 120 global fulfillment locations, Shipwire’s connected technology streamlines GovX’s shipping and logistics, allowing the company to focus on other priorities.

How? GovX leverages the Shipwire Platform for on-demand order and inventory management. The platform, which connects their sales channels to Shipwire fulfillment centers, provides complete visibility, access to data and analytics, and makes information available to share with end customers. Shipwire automatically routes and rates ecommerce orders to ensure the fastest delivery times and optimal shipping costs, taking into account GovX’s transportation preferences and inventory levels across multiple locations. Using intelligent business analytics and reporting, GovX can make strategic decisions to help drive its business forward.

Another important factor for GovX is the ability to onboard new brands to its marketplace so that customers constantly have access to new products. GovX is able to add new product SKUs to the Shipwire Platform and customize shipping options based on business preferences. Orders seamlessly drop to Shipwire fulfillment centers for picking and packing through careful warehouse operations management to ensure accuracy, transparency and consistency.

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Customer Loyalty Leads to Booming Business

GovX is a company founded on a passion to serve those who served, so a strong commitment to customer satisfaction is core to their business. Customers of GovX are often social shoppers, sharing their experiences with other community members and potential customers, which means a white glove customer experience has the potential to earn them more customers. For this reason, GovX chose to work with Shipwire. They knew it would be important to share customer-first values with their 3PL provider, especially during phases of rapid growth and expansion.

“We look for partners that want to take care of customers just like we do. We are better at delivering a positive customer experience when we can control everything from order to shipment. We knew Shipwire would give us a high-quality and high-touch experience, and we chose them because we prioritize taking care of our customers and giving them the best experience possible.”
Carol Schnugg CFO & Co-COO, GovX

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