Finally, logistics as a web service

Empower developers

Technology sets the Shipwire Platform apart. Get real time data and use RESTful APIs to customize workflows and develop seamless integrations to supplier portals, shopping carts and more.

  • Order API
    Create new orders and update, cancel or get information about existing orders.
  • Receiving API
    Notify the Shipwire Platform when inventory is arriving and provide ASN information to your suppliers.
  • Webhooks API
    Subscribe to real time notifications for various fulfillment events and trigger workflows in other systems.
  • Stock API
    Receive inventory levels and statuses updates about any of your product in any fulfillment center.
  • Return API
    Generate return labels, postage and return tracking information by notifying the Shipwire Platform when an order is being returned.
  • Locations & Vendors API
    Create and manage third party inventory storage locations and manage vendors (XML only).
  • Rate API
    Enable real time rate shopping and access shipping quotes by service level, carrier or warehouse.
  • Product API
    Access your product catalog to manage, modify and retire products, marketing inserts and kits.
  • Purchase order API
    Create, edit, cancel or request more information about individual purchase orders.

Built with the flexibility you need

The Shipwire Platform offers business automation workflows and preferences, alert notifications and a testing environment.

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Subscribe to Webhooks to stay informed of events during the fulfillment process and notify other business systems to trigger workflows.

icon automation

Create business logic for backorder management, returns processes, order splitting and automatic lot breaks.

icon test account

Set up a sandbox account to troubleshoot custom integrations without impacting your production account.

developer console

Hundreds of prebuilt connectors

Integrate your existing commerce systems, marketplaces and retailers with your Shipwire Platform account in just a few clicks. If we don’t have a prebuilt connector to your system, we likely support it through API, EDI or one of our trusted partners.

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Leverage the power of the Shipwire Platform

Use our on-demand technology or extend it to fit your needs.

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