Save time and money, and delight your customers

Automate and optimize

Intelligent rating and automation tools reduce shipping costs and increase process efficiencies to help you drive sales.

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Channel automation

Integrate with shopping carts, marketplaces, retailers and more to access accurate data in real time.

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Inventory workflows

Schedule inventory receivings and set up automatic lot breaks using within your Shipwire Platform account.

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Branded communication

Automate marketing collateral insertion and custom packing lists, schedule internal and end customer emails and more.

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Inventory placement

Orders automatically ship from the optimal fulfillment center based on inventory availability, end customer destination, custom business rules and SLAs.

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Address verification

The Shipwire Platform automatically corrects invalid addresses to ensure accurate and timely shipping.

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Back-order management

Accept orders and route them to warehouses to be fulfilled and shipped as soon as inventory is available.

Order rating and routing

Use the Rate API and prebuilt connectors to generate shipping costs directly into your cart checkout. Adjust rates to maximize conversion.

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Carrier options
Enable the carriers and service levels you need to meet your customers’ expectations and execute on your business strategy.
Cost control
Protect your profit margins by adding handling fees on a per-order or per-package basis.
Shipping promotions
Increase your average basket size by offering free shipping for orders that meet or exceed a given value.
Automated and optimized packaging based on size of SKU and order

Industry-leading packing optimization

Every order managed through the Shipwire Platform is automatically rated to maximize cost savings. In real time, our technology considers the following factors:

  • Packing options
  • Product dimensions
  • Carrier options
  • Inventory availability
  • End customer destination
  • Custom business rules
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Leverage the power of the Shipwire Platform

Maximize the efficiency of your supply chain and minimize time and costs using automation and optimization.

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