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The Shipwire Blog/Keetsa Finds Best Way to Export… They Use Shipwire

Keetsa Finds Best Way to Export... They Use Shipwire

One of our merchants, Keetsa, is in the news again! We love to see our merchants being mentioned in the news, especially when it is good news. Kate Milani of the Wall Street Journal posted an article called “Three Best Ways to Export.” Milani says “International customers can be a source of growth that businesses can’t find on U.S. soil when domestic spending slows.” She highlights Keetsa and it’s phenomenal growth to their willingness to listen to their customers and begin exporting. We couldn’t agree more!

Keetsa began doing business in August of 2007, one year later they began exporting, and today they have grown to “six locations, 15 employees and about 40 distributors,” per Milani’s article. What has allowed Keetsa to grow their business so quickly and successfully? Their success is surely due to the talent within the company, but Keetsa also has something powerful behind their business model… the only thing that wasn’t mentioned in Milani’s article… Keetsa uses Shipwire to take care of all of their overseas storage and shipping needs. Joe Alexander, founder of Keetsa, tells us “Exporting might seem daunting at first, but it opens up an entire market… Don’t be intimidated.” He is certainly taking his own advice and smiling all the way to the bank. And we here at Shipwire are smiling with him.

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