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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire upgrade: Keep calm and ship on!

Shipwire upgrade: Keep calm and ship on!

At Shipwire we are excited to recognize individual members of our team when they accomplish something great. When a support team member garners praise, we might share an imported Cola (you know, the kind with the real sugar cane) or join them on a quick walk for some coffee.

Today, it’s our engineering team’s turn for a round of refreshing colas as they have pushed live yet another great upgrade. Shipwire is dedicated to continuously improving and adding to our merchant’s platform — check out the latest updates to see how we do that:

  • Performance upgrades: You’ll now be able to choose shipping methods, process orders, and other application interactions faster than ever.
  • Custom name 3rd party accounts for easier account selection: Now you can create custom names such as “My Fedex” or “Target” to better differentiate between your 3rd party accounts.
  • Automated tracking on Canada Post and UPS Freight orders: When receiving or sending merchandise using Canada Post or UPS Freight, Shipwire will automatically update order status once shipment has been delivered for orders with a valid tracking number.
  • Custom order filtering for Magento: Magento merchants operating multiple storefronts (on both Shipwire and non-Shipwire warehouses) will be able to apply custom order filters.


If you’re a customer, be sure to subscribe to the blog for the latest shipping news and upgrades from Shipwire. If you’re still exploring fulfillment solutions, sign up for a free trial to test drive the application. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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