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Peak Design

Product design company relies on Shipwire, grows retail and ecommerce channels internationally

Why Shipwire
global warehouses
pre-built shopping cart, marketplace and ERP connectors
years of operational experience

Peak Design is a product design company that got its start by making innovative camera gear and accessories and later began creating technical camera bags, travel bags and more. Shipwire’s relationship with Peak Design began in 2013 when the young company approached us to support their international ecommerce fulfillment needs.

What began as a digitally-native startup has expanded into the B2B market. In fact, Peak Design products can now be found in major retailers like REI and BackCountry. Shipwire’s global fulfillment network combined with their ecommerce order management platform have enabled the company to continue its growth story and there are no signs of stopping!

Global Ecommerce Fulfillment

In the early days of Peak Design, the company managed their own fulfillment needs and shipped orders from their office in California. Now, a decade since the company was founded, they’re using six Shipwire fulfillment centers strategically located in the following locations: Mira Loma, California; Shenzhen, China; Waalwijk, Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; Daventry, UK; and Eastern Creek, Australia. An expansive warehouse footprint allows the company to reach customers quickly while decreasing shipping and fulfillment costs, and shoppers around the world are delighted to receive their orders quickly.

In addition to fast and affordable shipping, Peak Design’s fulfillment network offers other benefits. Coordinated product launches are executed smoothly, and the built-in scalability of Shipwire’s warehouses and a multi-location strategy means that holiday sales can be accommodated without stress. Beyond fast and reliable shipping, Shipwire’s goal is to provide the brands it serves with the time and energy they need to focus on business growth, rather than logistics.

Peter Dering
“The amount of growth that we’ve experienced without having to increase our headcount is expressly because we get to rely on a very elastic labor force which is Shipwire. We don’t have to lease new warehouses, train new employees, or think about it. We can continue to just simply focus on making great products and marketing them well and knowing our partners can accommodate the growth that will come from that gives us a great peace of mind.”
Peter Dering Founder and CEO, Peak Design

The Value of a 3PL Provider

Handling Peak Design’s day-to-day operational needs is an important aspect of our relationship, but the true value — and what separates standard service providers from integrated relationships — is most evident when the need for out-of-the-box solutions to novel challenges surface. Working with a dedicated Account Manager, Peak Design has the unique ability to shift their business quickly and lean on fulfillment experts to ensure their brand experience exceeds customer expectations, from sale to all the way through delivery.

Jen Howell
“We really value the relationship and the partnership that we’ve built with Shipwire over time. We can come to our account manager or support folks to help brainstorm a solution for me and we always seem to work through it together. It makes my life a lot easier knowing that everyone at Shipwire has my back.”
Jen Howell Director of Logistics, Peak Design

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