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What does a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider do?

Third party logistics (3PL) service providers are increasingly becoming an important partner for internet retailers, small and large. They offer services such as inbound freight, warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment. The purpose of a 3PL is to improve the efficiency of their client’s business and to help control costs.

Most offer some form of warehousing or a fulfillment center. This means businesses hire 3PLs to store their products in a controlled facility, typically called fulfillment centers that are managed by the provider. This option is attractive to businesses because it removes the need to lease warehouse space and pay internal employees.


As a 3PL, Shipwire handles shipping and order fulfillment on behalf of other companies. E-commerce brands use Shipwire’s award winning supply chain management software and platform for automatic access to a network of global fulfillment centers, shopping cart and marketplace integrations, broad carrier and service level options, and more.

Working with Shipwire allows them to manage order fulfillment without having to set up all these relationships and services independently. The time and cost savings made possible by 3PLs enable businesses to focus on their own core competencies.


The goal is to streamline the logistics and supply chain process and sometimes to develop an entire efficient supply chain for newer businesses. Shipwire’s 3PL services specialize in removing waste and overhead from procurement, warehousing and the shipment of goods.

Our world class cloud logistics helps businesses by growing their brands to expand their customer base by going international.

Expand Overseas – Reach markets in North America, Europe and Asia.
Reduce Time and Costs – Ensure shipments sent to buyers are optimized for the lowest shipping costs and delivery times.
Instant Sales Channels – Easily connect sales channels and expand into emerging channels.
Expand Distribution Partnerships – Sell to retailers, drop ship and sell through flash sales and social networks.
Customize Delivery Experience – Look god to your buyers using intelligent routing, professional packaging and extras for your customers and retailers.

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