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Fulfilling on-Amazon sales with Shipwire is a smart move for modern product brands. Below, you’ll find an overview of how to use Shipwire for your multichannel sales, including sales made on the Amazon marketplace. Be sure to check out our Prime Fulfillment solution.

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Why use Shipwire for your Amazon sales

You have a product, you want to build a brand, but you are not sure where Amazon fits.

There is a difference between being a brand owner and being the retailer of other brands. As a brand owner, you want to have control of your brand, maintain a solid relationship with your customers, and have access to the features and flexibility you need to grow.

Amazon is the juggernaut of online retail and its goal is to provide selection and low prices to customers. This does not leave much room for brands selling on Amazon to expand sales and build their own customer relationships.

Selling on Amazon while building your brand isn’t easy, but it is possible. The trick is to understand that Amazon is a channel and to treat it as such. Leveraging Amazon as a sales channel while maintaining your off-Amazon customer data and delivery experience is the Amazon strategy of today’s leading brands. The way to do this is to use a service which gives you control of your brand, your customer relationship, and the features and flexibility you need to grow.

A multi-channel strategy

Successful modern brands sell across markets and across channels. Taking a multi-channel approach to sales is important because it helps you maximize your sales reach. All channel types — marketplaces, social selling, flash sales sites, or your own e-commerce store — have pros and cons. The biggest advantage of selling on Amazon is that it can bring you a large amount of traffic, but at the cost of building your own brand and relationships with your customers.

Successful brands treat Amazon like a sales channel, not a service provider. By keeping your customer data you stay in control of your brand; your customer delivery experience benefits your brand and not the Amazon brand.

3 ways to leverage Shipwire and Amazon:

  1. For on-Amazon sales, leverage FBA only if other retailers or Amazon are selling the same product. If not, control your brand delivery experience with Shipwire.
  2. For off-Amazon sales, control your brand delivery experience by partnering with Shipwire for your fulfillment.
  3. For resupplying your Amazon inventory, use Shipwire. Shipwire can customize inventory with new UPCs and packaging for sale on Amazon.


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