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Shipwire FAQ


What is Shipwire?

Shipwire is a platform to manage full-service 3PL services, including direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, ecommerce marketplace fulfillment, retail fulfillment and dropshipping. Leveraging a suite of advanced technology and a network of pre-integrated fulfillment centers around the world, Shipwire enables fast and flexible shipping, instant ecommerce integrations, cloud-based order and inventory management, real-time business intelligence and customizable reporting to help brands and retailers expand their businesses.

How can I reach customer support?

If you have any questions, please call 1-888-SHIPWIRE or email customercare@shipwire.com and our Customer Care Team will assist you.

Where are Shipwire warehouses located?

Shipwire has warehouses in North America, Europe, the UK and in the Asia-Pacific region. Please see our global warehouse map for a complete list of locations.

How long does it take to start fulfillment with Shipwire?

The average time from contract signing to integrating your supply chain ecosystem to fulfillment varies by business size and the complexity of requirements. For customers with significant ecommerce volume, our order management platform provides over 200+ pre-built connectors, allowing easy integration with retailers, marketplaces, shopping carts and other commerce tools. We also support custom solutions and will work with you to develop an integration into our Warehouse Management System.

How do I set up my Shipwire account once it has been created?

After creating a Shipwire account, please visit our Getting Started for detailed instructions on getting started. Our Getting Started guidelines will walk you through setting up your Shipwire Platform product catalog, shipping preferences and payment methods.



How are shipping rates calculated?

The Shipwire platform leverages smart order routing and rating technology to ensure optimal order shipping based on your carrier preferences, cost and distance to customer. You can specify your shipping preferences directly within the Shipwire Platform.

Do you provide a shipping calculator to non-Shipwire customers?

There is no shipping calculator available to non-Shipwire customers. However, we will provide you with transparent shipping costs based on zone, weight and other factors within the Shipwire platform.

Do you provide shipping cost calculations within the Shipwire platform?

The Shipwire platform features a rate tool that provides real-time order routing and rating logic to ensure shipments have shorter delivery times, are cost-effective and that they are picked strategically for your sales channels from inventory stored across multiple warehouses. With Shipwire’s variety of carrier options and service levels, we support B2B and B2C shipping across a multitude of sales channels. You can provide shipping quotes to your end customers and integrate into our Rate API for extended visibility and performance.

What are your packaging options?

We have many corrugate and packaging options available to suit products of all dimensions and materials. From padded envelopes to large boxes, our facilities are well equipped to keep your products protected and compliant for optimal transit.

Does the Shipwire Platform perform address verification?

Yes, Shipwire will perform address verification to ensure the addresses you are sending to are correct and
to prevent address correction fees and delivery issues. For U.S. addresses, we use Endicia address verification. For international addresses, we use Global-Z address verification at an additional cost.

Are there any destinations that Shipwire cannot ship to?

For legal and compliance reasons, Shipwire is currently unable to ship to the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • Crimea, Ukraine
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sierra Leone
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela

For more information, visit our Restricted Countries page.

What carrier options are available in the Shipwire Platform?

We offer the following carrier options for small parcel shipping:

  • Australia Post
  • B2C
  • Canada Post
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • DPEX
  • FedEx
  • GLS Ground
  • Hermes Standard
  • Hong Kong Post
  • Netherlands Post
  • Parcelforce
  • Purolator
  • Royal Mail
  • SFX
  • Star Track
  • Toll Ground
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Yodel


APIs & Integrations

How can I connect my existing shopping cart and/or ERP to the Shipwire platform?

We have dozens of existing connections to choose from. We also have an API, enabling you to write a custom integration with your ERP or other software.

Which ERPs do you currently work with and how do you integrate with them? Can you support an EDI integration with my ERP?

Shipwire customers can access integrations between a number of ERPs and the Shipwire API. This includes popular ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite. Our team can support developers and businesses in identifying ways to integrate your business systems with Shipwire to ensure smooth business.

Is Shipwire integrated with any ecommerce returns applications?

Yes. We partner with ecommerce returns platforms to automate returns workflows and enhance your end customer experience. We are currently integrated with Happy Returns and Returnly, and as a full-service 3PL partner, we manage forward and reverse logistics within all of our facilities.

Do you have APIs available?

Yes. Our APIs include Stock, Order, Rate, Return, Receiving, Product, Webhooks, Location, Vendor and Purchase Order.

Do you provide developer support if we plan to integrate to the Shipwire API?

Yes. Our team provides support for the discovery, design, implementation/UAT phases of API projects. We are available to assist your developers with their projects to ensure successful integration.

What are some of the most popular APIs Shipwire offers?

  • Purchase Order API – Allows you to create, edit, cancel or request more information about individual purchase/sales orders. It enables granular order data to be transmitted from your system to the Shipwire platform (for D2C orders and B2B/Retail order profiles).
  • Order API – Allows you to create new orders and update, cancel,or get information about existing orders. It is typically used for standard D2C order profiles.
  • Stock API – Receives inventory levels and status updates about products stored in our fulfillment center.
  • Rate API – Enables real-time rate shopping and access to shipping quotes by service level, carrier or warehouse. The Rate API calculates rates for different delivery services, identifies the best shipping rates based on our optimized order routing logic and provides estimated shipping and delivery dates based on shipping options.
  • Receiving API – Notifies the Shipwire Platform when inventory is arriving and provides Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) information to your suppliers.
  • Webhook API – Subscribes your business to real-time notifications for various fulfillment events and triggers workflows in other systems. For more details, visit the Webhooks Guide in the Developer Center.
  • Product API – Provides access to your product catalog to manage, modify, and retire products, marketing inserts and kits.
  • Returns API – Allows you to create, cancel or query returns. Get an itemized list of contents or holds and create return labels.

How can Shipwire support my online sales through marketplaces?

Shipwire is directly integrated with many marketplaces to help your business grow and to expand your sales channels. You’ll have access to order management, fulfillment and transportation services through our network of warehouse facilities, making it easy for you to manage a single pool of inventory and enjoy enhanced brand control and financial benefits.

Can Shipwire automate B2B orders?

Yes. You can integrate your business into a wide variety of retailers’ EDIs using Shipwire to automate your B2B and dropshipping orders. We can meet the retail compliance requirements and connectivity of virtually any B2B retailer. Examples include Target, Walmart, REI, Amazon and Nordstrom.

What about dropship retail orders?

We can work with any retailer that requires custom packing slips and third-party carriers. Some popular retailers we work with include: Walmart, Macys, Best Buy, Target, Staples, HomeDepot, Costco, Bed Bath And Beyond and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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