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Restricted Ship-to Countries


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1 Restricted Country List

These countries are restricted for all carriers shipping out of the U.S. and should always be blocked. This list is current as of 02-05-13.

  • CU (Cuba)
  • IR (Iran)
  • KP (North Korea)
  • SL (Sierra Leone)
  • Palestinian Territories
  • South Sudan
  • Myanmar
  • Crimea Ukraine


2 High-Risk Country List

Shipping to the following countries is not normally available due to high risk of fraudulent orders and/or lost packages.
Shipments to these countries can be made available upon merchant’s request.

  • CI (Cote d’Ivoire)
  • CD (Democratic Republic)
  • LR (Liberia)
  • LB (Lebanon)
  • SY (Sudan)
  • BY (Belarus)
  • IQ (Iraq)
  • ZW (Zimbabwe)
  • SY (Syria)


2.1 Enabling a High-Risk Country

1) Before agreeing to enable a high-risk country, make sure the merchant understands and acknowledges in writing the risks involved in shipping to each target country.
Make sure to inform the merchant that these countries have a high rate of:

  • fradulent orders
  • lost/undelivered orders

2) Once the merchant provides written acknowledgment accepting full responsibility for order issues in the target country, submit a JIRA to ENG asking to enable the restricted country

3) When the restricted country is enabled, make sure to add an action event with reference to the case where the merchant provided the written acknowledgment to ensure we have easy access to the acknowledgement should an issue arise.

4) Inform the merchant the restricted country has been enabled.

3 USPS Restrictions

USPS does not provide service from the U.S. to the following countries:

  • GH (Ghana)
  • KG (Kyrgyzstan)
  • KZ (Kazakhstan)
  • NG (Nigeria)


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