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Non-Compliant Inbound Shipments

A streamlined inbound receiving process allows our operations teams to be as efficient as possible throughout your product’s lifecycle. Compliant inbound shipments help our teams to make better use of resources, meet service levels and ship to your end customers quickly. Please review our Shipwire Receiving Guide for details on labeling, packaging, delivery appointments, and much more!

Below are some examples of common inbound shipping mistakes. Non-compliant Inbound will incur charges and delays due to the labor and time required to correct before receiving in your inventory for fulfillment.

  • Missing or non-compliant ASN Labels
    • When an inbound delivery arrives at one of our warehouses we need to be able to tie it back to your inventory in the Shipwire Platform using the ASN number. Each delivery, from small parcel to palletized, needs to arrive clearly marked with the associated ASN number.
  • Missing or non-compliant Product Labels
    • Whether you’re shipping master cases, inner packs or base products, all your products must be labeled with a scannable barcode product label. At each layer of your packaging, our operations team needs to be able to quickly determine the exact content and quantity without having to open the item.
  • Floor Loaded Containers
    • While it may seem a better use of space to send boxes loose instead of palletizing your goods, the tradeoff is additional labor fees to reconfigure your shipment and potential wait fees assessed by the driver delivering the shipments.
  • Discrepant Product
    • Help us help you to maintain inventory accuracy. Ensure that your outbound inventory matches the ASN information in Shipwire and that labeling complies with our standards. Follow the guidelines to avoid labor fees to count quantity and/or correct product discrepancies.
  • Mixed SKU master cases and/or pallets
    • To facilitate the receiving process and ensure accurate inventory management and outbound fulfillment, we cannot accept mixed master cases or inner packs. A pallet must have master cases that contain only a single product. It is labor intensive to break down and sort mixed SKU master cases and inner packs; should this be necessary it will result in delays and fees.
  • Mis-packaged Product
    • To protect your inventory, we have strict regulations on how your product must be packaged to ensure proper handling and safe storage. We require specific pallet dimensions by location, and all pallets must be shrink-wrapped to ensure load integrity and stability during transit.
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