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Shipwire Australia fulfillment

Welcome to Shipwire Australia fulfillment

The Australia fulfillment warehouse is able to handle domestic and international shipments and is accessible to all Shipwire customers.

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Australian ecommerce guide

Australian Ecommerce: What You Should Know

Our Australian ecommerce PDF guide explains what makes Australia an ideal market for ecommerce, what you need to know in order to take advantage of it, and how to get inventory into the country.

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Warehouse information

The warehouse is located in Eastern Creek outside of Sydney. It is a state-of-the-art facility measuring 40,000sqm.

Expanding your business into Australia

For information about the Australian market and hurdles to entering it, as well as getting inventory into the warehouse and making the best use of advanced warehouse features, refer to this recorded webinar.

Adding the Australia fulfillment center in your Shipwire account

You must request a warehouse before being able to utilize that Fulfillment Center. Once enabled, follow the steps below using the red arrows to guide you, and use the standard process in order to create an ASN.

  1. Below is a snapshot of your Shipwire account to help orient you in adding the Australia warehouse. Navigate to the “Inventory” tab, then select “Send inventory” from the left side bar. The option to enable Australia is found in step #2 on the “Send inventory” page.
  2. Remain on the “Send inventory” page with step #2 expanded. Scroll down the page until you see the drop down menu, “Which Shipwire warehouse will it be sent to?” and select “Sydney.” If you do not see the option to add the Sydney warehouse in the drop down menu, follow the arrow to the right of the page and click “shipping preferences” in order to add it.
  3. Proceed through the following steps, save your preferences, and you will be able to ship using the Australia warehouse.


Getting inventory into Australia

Information about business registration, taxes and tariffs, carrier options, pricing, and more can be found in the Australia Import Guide.

Australia Pricing

Pricing for Australia will be standard Shipwire Pick and Pack pricing.

Carrier Integrations

Carriers will initially include Australia Post, and Toll.

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