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Service Levels

The decision to outsource order fulfillment is an important one. We understand that you want a fulfillment partner that will handle your products as carefully as you do. And one that really hustles to get orders out quickly and prioritizes rush orders. In short, you want to be assured that we’ll work as hard and as smart as you. You’re going to love Shipwire!

When you choose Shipwire, you’re partnering with a team of experienced industry professionals dedicated to your success. No long-term contracts, clear volume-based discounts, no hidden fees and an instant global warehouse network built with you in mind.

Service Level Expectations

Shipwire service levels help make your decision to use Shipwire risk free:

We will ship every order the same day*

We will rate shop every order for the lowest shipping cost

* Orders dropped to the warehouse by 5:30 AM local warehouse time.

Shipwire backs our service levels with the best customer care team in the industry and an experienced management team dedicated to your success.

At Shipwire, our expected grade of performance is nothing less that 100% customer satisfaction. We’re not saying we’ll never make a mistake. But we are saying we’ll make it right when we do and we’ll treat you like a business partner with prompt and friendly customer service.

Getting started has benefits

The Shipwire Platform delivers award-winning technology that powers fulfillment and commerce solutions. The software is free to use and there are no service charges until you store goods in a fulfillment center. Create your free account and get started today.

Same day shipping

We understand the advantage you gain by getting your products to your buyers quickly. We help you extend “fast” to your customers with Shipwire Same Day Shipping Service Level. Orders sent to the warehouse before 5:30am local warehouse time are shipped out the same day!

Next day shipping on all orders

Sometimes reviewing an order before it ships is more important than getting it shipped quickly. For those orders that can’t or shouldn’t ship today, they will ship the next business day or we’ll credit your item handling charges.

“Real-time” information

Your inventory, order management and shipping data is always kept up to date and accessible via our online software, or in your systems via our API and connections.

Smart technology

Our cloud-based logistics platform is load-balanced and clustered at geographically distant data centers accessed from different bandwidth providers. Our Application Programming Interface (API) is similarly configured and accessed on a different domain to ensure capacity. We leverage managed, external DNS service providers to ensure our application is there when you need it. International customers get fast load times in Europe and Asia as we edge-cache intelligently. If you don’t know what this means, be confident that we do.

Serious security

You can count on our warehouses and internet infrastructure to be secure. We use industry standard 256-bit encryption on sensitive data transfers. Shipwire is certified McAfee Secure. We also offer Verisign VIP two-factor authentication if you want enhanced account security.

Continuous improvements

Many of our features you use in our software or services delivered from our global warehouses started with a suggestion by a Shipwire customer. Chances are, if we don’t have a feature you need, we’re working on it already (and if not, please let us know what you need). We have a dedicated software engineering team that can rival any darling of Silicon Valley and a product development roadmap that delivers time-saving, revenue-driving, reliability-demanding features every month.

You can find details about our Service Levels in our terms of service and policies.

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