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Inbound insurance

It should be stating the obvious, but inbound insurance is a must for shipping merchandise to Shipwire. Please always pay the extra few dollars to insure the merchandise you send us. All carriers offer insurance. If yours doesn’t, we recommend finding a different carrier.

In the event of a receiving discrepancy

When you send us merchandise, we insist you notify us of exact SKUs and quantities. Then when we receive the new merchandise, we spot check the SKUs and quantities. This is part of our checks and balances.

If there is a discrepancy between what is expected, and what is actually received, you will need to file a claim with the shipper.

Why should I have insurance at each step?

Shipwire recommends that your inventory be insured at each stage of the fulfillment process: Inbound to Shipwire, while stored in the warehouse, and when out-shipped.

This will ensure that the entire chain-of-custody for your products is insured.

Generally, your freight forwarder or parcel carrier will offer Inbound insurance. Shipwire inventory insurance is available. Shipwire recommends each parcel shipped from Shipwire warehouses are fully insured for the price of the products in the shipment.

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