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Sending your products to Shipwire

There are several ways to send products to Shipwire. Each of these must follow the Shipwire receiving guidelines in order to simplify inventory processing, decrease errors, and avoid unnecessary damages. Any non-compliant inbound shipments will be subject to fines and delays.

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Shipwire Receiving Guide 2

Download the Shipwire Receiving guide

Our printable Shipwire Receiving PDF guide will show you how to prepare a shipment, send a shipment, and ensure Standard Receiving.

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Before you send

Prior to sending your shipment to a Shipwire warehouse, make sure it satisfies Shipwire receiving guidelines.

In this document, we provide detailed information you must follow in terms of scheduling appointments for pallet shipments, nuances to each warehouse, hazardous products, etc. Please reference the receiving guide or contact our Customer Care team if you have any additional questions.

Sending international shipments & Federal Tax ID

If you are importing inventory into the US, Canada, Hong Kong, or the UK, as a merchant you need to clear customs and pay taxes and duties on inventory. The received shipment must arrive free and clear of customs, duties, and taxes. For the documentation requirements to be satisfied for a received shipment, the following must be associated with the ASN:

Importer of Record (only required for importing)
The merchant must be listed as the Merchant of Record, Importer of Record, or Owner of Record. Shipwire cannot be listed in these records.

Federal Tax ID (AKA Employer Identification Number)

  1. For importing into the US, a United States Federal Tax ID is required by customs.
  2. A merchant can obtain a Tax ID by incorporating or Register for a Tax ID online, by calling 215-516-6999 or sending in a completed Form SS to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Please make sure you have a Tax ID for the local jurisdiction that you are importing into.

If you have questions please contact the Shipwire Care team.

In order to ship merchandise into the US, customs requires the owner of record to have a US Federal Tax ID number. If you are a merchant using Shipwire to ship merchandise for you, then you are the owner of record for anything we receive on your behalf.

Customs on imported goods
For customs and duties on imported goods, you must be the ultimate consignee, and take responsibility for merchandise clearing customs. If you are not shipping the merchandise directly to Shipwire, be sure whomever is denotes you as responsible for customs duties. Merchandise we receive must be free and clear of customs duties in order for us to sign for it.

Your inventory must arrive at the warehouse free of customs, tax, and duty (CTD) charges. If Shipwire is asked to pay for any CTD fees at the point of receiving, these charges, plus Shipwire fees will be passed through and must be paid for before inventory is ready for shipment. Shipwire reserves the right to reject shipments that require CTD payments.

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