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Export Customs Requirements

International orders shipped from a Shipwire warehouse to customers in a different country require additional paperwork for customs processing. Export orders from the U.S. that do not have a HTS number or ECCN code defined for the products in the shipment will result in the order being placed on hold. Although Shipwire takes care of this paperwork for you, we require that you provide us with some basic information to ensure export compliance to avoid delays:

HTS(Harmonized Tariff Schedule)

The HTS 10-digit code is the primary resource for determining tariff (customs duties) classifications for goods imported into the United States. Outside of the U.S. it is referred to as the HS (Harmonized System) code. The HS is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization.

↑ See searchable list of HTS Codes
↑ Popular HTS rulings

Example: A diary would have a 10-digit HTS code of 4820102010.
sample hts diary

ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) 5-character code

The ECCN code, similar to the HTS code, is a representative code for the commodity. It will either start with EAR or CCL and is 5-alphanumeric characters. If your item falls under U.S. Department of Commerce jurisdiction, and is not listed on the CCL, it is designated as ECCN: EAR99. A majority of products are ECCN code EAR99 and often times consist of low-technology consumer goods and do not require a license in many situations. However, if you plan to export an EAR99 item to an embargoed country, to an end-user of concern, or in support of a prohibited end-use, you may be required to obtain a license.

↑ See code tables:

Update Your Product Catalog to Avoid Order Holds

To add new individual products or edit existing individual products in Shipwire, select the Inventory tab and Product Catalog. HTS and ECCN fields are located in step 4, Assign Attributes. Enter your 10-digit HTS code and 5-character ECCN code in the appropriate fields.
updating hts codes 1

If you have many products to edit, it may be fast to use our spreadsheet upload option. In your product catalog, select “Add Multiple Products.”

updating hts codes 2

Select “Download a template.”

updating hts codes 3

Select “Download your product list”.

updating hts codes 4

In the downloaded spreadsheet, add your 10-digit HTS codes to column [HTS_code_US] and your 5-character ECCN codes to column [ECCN_US]. Note you cannot use special characters in these fields. Re-upload your product catalog by selecting “Choose file”.

updating hts codes 5

Orders on Hold Due to Missing HTS and/or ECCN Codes

To release orders held for containing products missing HTS and/or ECCN codes, you will need to update those products with the appropriate codes in the Product Catalog or via spreadsheet upload as described above. Once updated, order(s) will release and flow as normal.

Learn more about other aspects of the Shipwire Platform’s handling of international orders here.

For questions on updating your product catalog or held orders due to missing HTS and ECCN codes, please contact customercare@ingrammicroservices.com.

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