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About Inventory Manager

The Shipwire Inventory Manager displays inventory counts and status in tabular format. Clicking on any of the column fields will sort your table by that field (e.g. clicking on Warehouse column will sort your inventory by warehouse).

You can add additional fields to your Inventory view by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the table. The following information can be shown:

Alert: this column will notify you if any of your products are Backordered, or if you have assigned Inventory Alerts, the column will notify you when the Alert has been triggered (as either a Low Stock or Out of Stock Condition). You can also quickly view which products have Alerts against them by looking for the Alert icon. Learn more about Low Inventory Alerts.

SKU: the unique identifier assigned to each distinct product in inventory – short for Stock Keeping Unit.

Warehouse: the geographic location where product is currently stored (e.g. Chicago, Toronto).

Good: the number of inventory items with this SKU available for shipment or new Project processing.

Pending: the number of items with this SKU that are in pending status. These items are still in the process of being received, or they are in the middle of Project processing. They are not available for shipment or new Project processing until their status changes to Good.

Backordered: the number of items with this SKU on back order. To avoid any further delay on shipping these orders, restock this SKU as soon as possible (note: Shipwire’s default setup will automatically reroute back orders to warehouses with sufficient stock).

Qty per Day: this is the estimated number of this SKU that have shipped, on average, over the last 28 day period (or less if the SKU has not been shipping for a full 28 days). Shipwire uses this information to determine when the estimated Days on Hand of inventory may fall below any of your Inventory Alert settings.

Days on Hand: this is the estimated number of days remaining with your existing inventory, estimated from your currently available stock (Good or Good + Pend), and stock velocity (Qty per Day). Shipwire will determine whether to include Pending inventory into your Days on Hand if you have configured an Inventory Alert with the ‘Count Pending as On Hand’ setting set. Learn more about Low Inventory Alerts.

In Review: the number of items with this SKU that are getting additional Shipwire review cycles. A number of normal day-to-day items can trigger additional inventory reviews. Once Shipwire has completed its review processes, the inventory will be allocated to reflect accurate status.

Reserved: the number of reserved items with this SKU. These are items being allocated to a shipping order or for Project processing, and as such, they cannot be used for other orders, or new Projects. (note: these will also include items being reserved to fulfill any ‘On Hold’ orders, and partially filled ‘Back Orders’)

Sent: the number of items with this SKU in the final stages of the fulfillment process, before they are physically shipped. These would include items in process of being picked, packed and pending shipment

Shipped: the number of items with this SKU that have been shipped out

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