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Leaving Shipwire

Shipwire is an on-demand provider of fulfillment contracts. This means that you can leave Shipwire at any time unless stated otherwise in a separate Master Services Agreement.

Always contact the Customer Care Team at customercare@ingrammicroservices.com to ensure proper account closure.

To begin your exit with Shipwire, please cancel any pending orders or duplicate orders in your account as for the units to be systematically placed back into your inventory. After cancelling all pending orders, we recommend you download an inventory report to see ‘good’ and ‘damaged’ inventory levels. To do so, select ‘Inventory’ and click ‘Download Inventory’ (on the right). The spreadsheet will show all units by location.

Next, please create an outbound order (shipping, handling and pick fees all apply). On the order, add all SKUs and quantities that are showing in the Shipwire Platform following the instructions below. Please note, each warehouse requires a separate exit order.

Creating a Warehouse Exit Order:

  1. Log in to your Shipwire account
  2. Click on ‘Orders’
  3. Fill out the complete address you would like your inventory sent to and select ‘Next’
  4. Enter all SKUs and quantities that are still in each warehouse (total of good and damaged) and click ‘Next’
  5. Select the warehouse you want to exit. Note, each warehouse requires a unique exit order.
  6. Pick a shipping carrier option and select ‘Place Order’
  7. On the order page, in number 5 (type of work order), select ‘New Project’
  8. Add a work order title ‘Exit’ and any detailed instructions
  9. Select ‘Submit Request’

Once submitted, our Value Added Services Team will reach out to you within 24 hours for next steps (excluding weekends and holidays). Exit work order completion typically takes 10-15 days depending on order volume and complexity.

Please remember to contact the Customer Care Team at customercare@ingrammicroservices.com to ensure proper account closure.

Abandoned account handling

Please see Shipwire Terms of Service for Shipwire handling of accounts abandoned through non-use and non-payment.

Account abandonment does not alleviate account owners from costs of account winding down or past billed amounts. Proactive account abandonment will however inform Shipwire that we must take mitigating actions and help you keep your costs contained as you wind-down your relationship with Shipwire.

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